'16 & Pregnant' Star Bravely Talks About Her Stillbirth

Nikkole PaulunMTV's show 16 & Pregnant is known for showing the many difficulties that come with young motherhood, but the subject of pregnancy loss and difficulties that any mother can experience aren't generally discussed. Tragically, Nikkole Paulun, one of the stars of an earlier show whose older son is now 3, DID have a stillbirth with her second son. She is now opening up to Radaronline.com and talking about it.

Paulun was due with her second son in late August, but back in late July, things didn't feel right. She went in for an ultrasound and was told that her baby, whom she had already named Ashton, had died in the womb.

It's hard to imagine a more devastating thing. Once you make it past the 12-week mark, typically as a pregnant woman, you feel "safe." As we all know, there is no time when the risk is zero. But still. The odds are in your favor, which makes this all the more painful.

Paulun says:

I cried. I was like in shock. I just couldn’t understand why and I was confused. I didn’t think that was actually going to happen.

Sadly, no one does. These things happen and no one knows why. It's part of what makes birth and pregnancy so scary. Paulun said she was embarrassed and ashamed about it and didn't want an autopsy because she didn't want to know what happened.

I am sure that shame is normal. But it isn't her fault, and by speaking out about her loss, she is helping other women who may have experiences similar losses.

It's not easy to discuss painful topics, but you really must. It's for the good of everyone (including yourself) to be open about what happened and to stop blaming yourself.

Pregnancy loss is something people rarely talk about, but it happens to so many women. Women end up feeling alone, like they did something wrong. Bravo to Nikkole to stepping out and talking about something so painful with such openness. It can't be easy.

She has to know though that she is using her notoriety for good here. Good for her.

Did you experience pregnancy loss? Did you talk about it?


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Leah Jenkins

I recently suffered a miscarriage back in June. I was only 11 weeks, but it was still so emotionally painful for me. I tried to talk about it, but nobody really understood what I was going through. It can make you feel so alone, especially if no one you know has gone through it. I think she is so brave for sharing her story and I applaud her for it!

nonmember avatar rebecca

God bless her, and comfort her.I cannot imagine going through that, that late into your pregnancy. I am currently going through a miscarriage, and the devestation,loneliness, emptyness, and plain ol heartbreak ,are unspeakable.God is good though, and although he didn't do it, he will surley see you through it.

nonmember avatar Sharita

I lost my daughter 7 weeks ago today...i was 27 weeks...i was in shock and disbelief for a minute...but i knew God had a bigger plan...it gets easier to talk about...and the more you talk about it the better you feel within...and it helps to have a supportive family and friends to let you talk...cry...scream...or whatever and not judge but let you go through the motion...i love she shared her story...i hope others will open up more because it truly helps...heart and prayers are with her!

Short... ShortAndSweet85

It's something called SADS it's more common than SIDS but nobody talks about it. It's just like SIDS but the death happens before the baby is born and nobody knows why or even how the baby passes away. So very sad

nonmember avatar Shelbee

My heart goes out to Nikkole. :c I myself have lost a child and I know it's one of the most devastating feelings in the world. Hopefully one day she'll realize that it was out of her control and sometimes these things happen.

Jaime Bohling

I also had a stillbirth. I was 37 weeks pregnant. Its such hard and unimaginable feeling. I definetly recommend talking to someone about it and always talk about him. I got pictures done and his picture hangs up with my other 2 kids pictures. So sorry for your loss hun.

nonmember avatar Zoe

I expirenced a stillbirth with my first daughter at 25 weeks June 8 2010. I had an autopsy done but nothing was found to be wrong, it just wasn't her time. I still cry about it 3 years later. I now have a beautiful 2 1/2 year old daughter. I became pregnant with her around the time of my first daughter's due date.

cherylam cherylam

I had a full term stillborn daughter, Jessica Robin, born March 4th, 1976. I wonder every day what kind of woman she would have grown up to be, if she would have had a family, all the questions every mom has. Death has mo sting for me anymore...my girl is with her daddy & grandparents. And I consider my self blessed, one still born, six miscarriages and two live healthy babies. Until one has undergone the loss of a baby that is so loved and missed, even before birth, they have mo right to question or guess the cause.

johnn... johnnys_mom6605

I wouldn't turn down the autopsy. As hard as it would be, I would want answers. It could have been something that will be problematic in later pregnancies. I know someone who had a clotting disorder and it didn't affect her first pregnancy (miraculously), but her second was stillborn in the 2nd trimester. Had she not had the autopsy and tests done, ahe wouldn't have known about her disorder and could have gone through all the pain again

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

This past January, my sister lost her little angel at 38.5 weeks... a real tragedy for our entire family. Sadly, as we dealt with the loss we realized just how common it really is, yet we just don't realize it. :-(

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