Woman Unexpectedly Gives Birth at Daughter's Elementary School (VIDEO)

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Natasha Richardson and Maria ColinJust when we thought we'd heard of women giving birth in every unexpected place possible, here comes a new one. Maria Lys Colin of Miramar, Florida, actually gave birth inside of an elementary school.  

According to the UPI, the woman was in the main office at Fairway Elementary School, which her 7-Year-old daughter attends. She was there to pick her up on the way to the hospital because her husband was out of town, and she knew the baby was coming. When she started moaning and holding her stomach, it became clear, however, that she would be leaving with one more child than she thought she would.

Staff quickly took her to the schools' clinic, and they called 911. Fortunately, Police officer Natasha Richardson, who had some experience in the matter, was on duty at the school and jumped in to help, because it all happened before emergency workers arrived.

Richardson told the Miami Herald, "It was like 1-2-3. Water broke, head came out, baby came out.”

Right there at school! Things were made a little more complicated because the mom didn't speak much English, but an interpreter was able to deliver Richardson's important instructions as to when it was time to push.
Turns out, it just took one push, and the baby girl -- named Maybelle Colin Sainvilus -- was delivered right there in the school while classes went on around them. The ambulance still hadn't arrived, and when she wasn't crying, Richardson cleared the baby's airway with her finger. When rescue workers finally arrived, they cut the umbilical cord, and mom and baby were taken to the hospital. Both are said to be doing fine, and were surprised to get a visit from Richardson in the hospital.
What an incredible birth story that is, especially if the little girl goes to school there someday. She can just take the class on a little field trip and have one of the best show and tells ever.




What's the craziest place you can imagine giving birth?
Image via WSNV-TV

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nonmember avatar Jewel Hernandez

OMG! Women DO NOT need to be told when to push. In fact babies will come whether they push or not! Stop continuing the myth that babies have to be born in hospitals as if that is the only safe place - it's not! and yes, 1-2-3 babies come out!

Mary Larrimore

Thank God for Natasha Richardson!

mtsuki mtsuki

Actually it may not be a good time to push when you think you need to because that something might be going wrong i.e. cord around of the baby's neck. It would be better to pause if at all possible (I understand that it may be inevitable as nature does not wait) but a few seconds can save a life. Some women do panic in labor and might need guidiance if not emotional support (to be told when to push). I know how it feels though to not want to be told when to push, but I do not question it at the time of birth of my children. If I couldnt stop then I couldn't but I wanted to be careful because those are my precious babies. 

Cathi... Cathie111

What mtsuki said.  I had to wait with my first.  Her cord was not only around her neck, but also up over the top of her head like a headband.  Pushing could've had dire consequences if I'd listened to myself.  So it's VERY important women receive assistance while delivering.  It doesn't have to be complex, but SOMEONE needs to be there. Someone who can deal with a situation like that, and is knowledgeable enough to know when to and when NOT to push.  Home births are fine as long as there's a midwife present.  There are women who have started a movement to go through their whole pregnancy and delivery without any medical intervention.  They're just putting themselves and their children at risk.

nonmember avatar Brittany

Yet again more proof that birth is NOT AN EMERGENCY. Call 911 if you want but unless you have a complicated medical history or are high risk for some reason, you're better off on your own.

Vanessa Poholek Fasanella

I'm confused. She went to school to pick up her daughter on the way to the hospital? That doesn't make any sense. She was going to drive herself and her minor child? Why would she drive? Why wouldn't she ask someone to drive her, and someone else to take care of her child? Children aren't allowed almost anywhere in a hospital, and certainly not anywhere at all unattended. I question a lot of what this woman did, labor or no labor.

Hawks... Hawks_Baby

The only other crazy place for a mom to be to give birth is while she's at work (you never know when baby wants to show up)

Chasity Taylor

vanessa how do you know if she had a sitter...chances are she had nobody to watch her daughter and was picking her up so she didnt go home and end up alone..and the father was at work as soon as he could get to the hospital im sure he would have been there for his daughter as a mother of 4 i know how it is things happen and kids end up going with because you have nobody else...so know before you judge

nonmember avatar stephanie bates

What the heck do you mean that giving birth isnt an emergency??? how was she supposed to get to the hospital after having the baby?? drive herself?? stabilization of the mother and baby is important. anything can happen...shouldnt call 911...that's just plain dumb...

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