IVF Treatments Could Soon Cost Under $300

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FlickrIn vitro fertilization, commonly known as IVF, is an option many, many, many couples out there have tried in their efforts to have a baby.

I've known couples who've spent their entire life savings on IVF. I've also known couples whose marriages have crumbled when those treatments didn't work, in part because of the tremendous cost of the procedures.

That's why I think the news that scientists are now testing a simplified form of IVF is so exciting. Get this: The whole thing would cost about $265.

What the what?!

This is MAJOR!

USA Today reports that scientists in Belgium are studying a simplified form of IVF in comparison to the traditional, far more elaborate treatments. Check this out:

For the more than 100 women treated so far, the pregnancy rate was about 34% for both methods. So far, 14 babies have been born using the simplified method and 13 babies from traditional IVF.

Y'all. It sounds like the new, cheaper method is TOTALLY WORKING!

I think of all the women I know who've been trying desperately to have children and who can't afford IVF and I just want to cry tears of happiness reading this news.

Part of the reason the new IVF method is so much less expensive is that it uses generic fertility drugs that are orally ingested instead of the expensive injectable drugs used in traditional IVF. Scientists also say that the conditions found in a $60,000 IVF incubator can totally be simulated with two test tubes and some special solutions.

This, my friends, is science at its finest.

The cheaper IVF method won't work for everyone. Scientists estimate that about half of couples with fertility issues could be helped -- men with low sperm count and women who don't have many eggs would still need to opt for the traditional IVF route.

But for thousands of men and women out there who want to become parents, there soon may be light at the end of the tunnel.

What do you think of this incredible news?


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ktobin2 ktobin2

I think it's gret! It's giving women who don't hsve a lot of money to possibly fulfill their dreams of hving a child.

Jessi Griffin

This is awesome!! I know many couples this would appeal to! I have friends who want IVF but couldn't because the original price tag is just too high. This new option will save a lot of marriages and heartaches!!

monke... monkeymom1104

This is great! I just hope they are able to limit multiples or we are going to see quite a increase, and also that they screen couples for genetic issues to make sure nature wasent trying to tell them something.

jaznrich jaznrich

Having gone through the infertility process, I know meds are a small portion of the overall cost if ivf. You need ultrasounds and blood work every couple days to monitor the follicles being produced. Your meds are adjusted based on these tests and each cycle can vary on the dosages. I'm not sure how this would work with a generic pill and no monitoring. I'm thinking the meds may be $265, but everything else???

Fondue Fondue

monkeymom--"to make sure nature wasn't trying to tell them something"????  Like what?  Like that they're not supposed to have children??  What the eff?  You obviously have no idea of what infertility is.  Go brush up on your knowledge before you spout off something stupid like that again.  smh.

mamma... mammajen030407

I think this is wonderful. I had my tubes tied right after I had my youngest child and immediately had regrets. I cannot afford a reversal but I could def afford this very easily. I would totally have another baby or two :) 

2ofth... 2ofthesame

Mammajen: I hear you there. I was young, stupid and listened to my idiot MIL. I always wanted to try for a baby girl. I will swear up and down that allowing that woman to destroy my dream of having a little girl is what caused me to suffer from depression as badly as I do. It was always what I wanted. 3 children. From the time I was a little girl myself. I wanted that. And I let her take that away. With this I can try for that third baby and do so with the tax returns! 

lovel... lovelychaos13

 this give me even more hope that ivf could be  a option. but the case is with us that dh is a carrier for a fatal birth defect. my fertility is normal and fine, but the fact that hes a carrier changes so much as  if a baby has it its a death sentance from conception. we have a high loss rate due to his being a carrier just because many will not be viable due to the defect. the key with ivf for us would be genetic screening of embryos before they would be transfered to me that would greatly increase our odds. so  basically  genetic testing per embryo would cost us with insurance about $500 insurance  covers alot of the gentic testing.  id hope and  pray this new method  it approved asap and becomes avalible in the states asap as well. i am nearing 29 yrs old i dont have as much time left.

Jodi Shabazz

Any word on this lately?? Is it available anywhere now?? Thanks!

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