45 Sweet Bird-Inspired Baby Names

girl holding bird

Choosing the perfect baby name is one of the most important decisions parents-to-be will make. People look for ideas in all sorts of places -- their favorite TV shows, elder relatives, cities they've visited, and even their favorite foods. However, the perfect moniker could be found flying the friendly skies. No, I'm not suggesting calling your little one Virgin Atlantic or Delta. Take a look at 45 amazing names inspired by beautiful birds.

  1. Adelie (Adelie Penguin)
  2. Anna (Anna's Hummingbird)
  3. Argus (Great Argus)
  4. Blue (Blue Jay)
  5. Brent (Brent Goose)
  6. Blyth (Blyth's Tragopan)
  7. Caracara
  8. Carolina (Carolina Wren)
  9. Cliff (Cliff Swallow)
  10. Corella (Little Corella)
  11. Dunlin
  12. Elliot (Elliot's Pheasant)
  13. Emerald (Emerald's Toucanet)
  14. Fox (Fox Sparrow)
  15. Grey (Grey Plover)
  16. Hazel (Hazel Grouse)
  17. Hudson (Hudsonian Godwit)
  18. Ibis (Glossy Ibis)
  19. Ivory (Ivory Gull)
  20. Jacana
  21. Jack (Jack Snipe)
  22. Kea
  23. Kori (Kori Bustard)
  24. Lark (Crested Lark)
  25. Linnet
  26. Myna (Golden Myna)
  27. Nene
  28. Prinia (Graceful Prinia)
  29. Red (Red Junglefowl)
  30. Robin
  31. Rock (Rock Ptarmigan)
  32. Rosy (Rosy Starling)
  33. Ruby (Ruby Topaz)
  34. Saffron (Saffron Finch)
  35. Sage (Sage-Grouse)
  36. Savanna (Savanna Hawk)
  37. Scarlet (Scarlet Ibis)
  38. Socotra (Socotra Sunbird)
  39. Sora
  40. Tawny (Tawny Frogmouth)
  41. Victoria (Victoria Crowned Pigeon)
  42. Violet (Violet Sabrewing)
  43. Virginia (Virginia Rail)
  44. Willow (Willow Ptarmigan)
  45. Wren (Rock Wren)

bird inspired baby names

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