Surrogate Mother Ends Up Raising Couple's Twins When They Bail on Her (VIDEO)

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Susan Ring

Wow. Parents who choose to use a gestational carrier as a means of bringing their children into the world must really, really want to have kids -- or so you'd assume.

But wait until you hear what happened to a woman named Susan Ring, because it might change the way you think about the process forever.

Susan is a surrogate who was pregnant with twin babies -- and wound up giving birth and taking them home with her after their parents decided they did not want them anymore.

You see, when Susan was about 14 weeks along with the couple's babies, she found out they were divorcing -- and didn't want to continue on with the contract for the pregnancy any longer.

(Seriously? These are their BABIES. What is wrong with these people?)

As you will hear Susan explain to HuffPost Live, she'd already carried one child for the couple, a son -- who is the biological brother of the babies the parents did not want -- so she never expected to run into any issues with carrying for them a second time around.


Do you believe this? I'm sorry, but I just can't excuse this couple for abandoning their children the way they did. How are they going to go through the rest of their lives knowing they have two biological babies out there who they wanted at one point and then suddenly changed their minds? It's bound to haunt them someday. I don't know how it can't.

But that brings us back to Susan, who I can't praise enough for making the tough decision to keep these twins and raise them as her own. Considering she'd been a surrogate before, she knows all too well what it's like to go through nine months of pregnancy only to have to part with the babies after they are born.

Giving them up can't be easy, but since she knew they were not technically hers and were going to good homes, I'm sure it lessened the heartache a bit. But these babies were different. Susan wouldn't have known where they would eventually wind up and who their parents would be -- and the thought of wondering about them as the years went on obviously isn't something she could live with.

I remember how attached I grew to my son while he was growing in my womb. Even though he's biologically mine, I can imagine that gestational carriers are perfectly capable of forming a similar bond with the babies they are carrying. Since the couple wound up giving up the twins when Susan was only 14 weeks along, I'm guessing she somehow started to think of them as hers, which made her more attached to them than to other babies she's carried in the past.

As difficult as this entire ordeal may have been for her, I hope she knows that she did the right thing -- just as any mother would do for babies she's loved and housed for an entire pregnancy. And I hope those precious twins will realize just how lucky they are to have been born to a woman who wants nothing but the best for them, even if she isn't the one who decided to create them in the first place.

Do you think Susan did the right thing? What would you have done in her situation?


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I wonder if she can get child support. Maybe there was a reason these people couldn't get pregnant on their own. Like they don't deserve kids.

Irela... Ireland69

i was thinking the same thing child support from both parents!!  That is just so cruel!

nonmember avatar nessamom

What these parents did was horrible, no question. These are children, biologically related to you and your son. How anyone could turn their backs is beyond me. However, the comment about there being a "reason" for not being able to get pregnant on their own is hurtful. My husband and I have tried for years to have a child - I assure you we would never and could never do something like this.

Rebec... Rebecca7708

Absolutely child support from both parents!

Taisie Taisie

I agree on the child support issue, I would think she would have a good lawsuit for that seeing as how they broke a contract with her. Someone of course will say "Why didn't she give them up for adoption", but I agree that if I had carried them, they would either go to thier biological parents, or stay with me!

wamom223 wamom223

I agree about the child support but it most likely wont happen.  Every state has laws having to do with surrogates. Its so weird because you usually have to worry about the surrogate being shady and this time it was the very people that asked her for help.

Deborah Mitaros

its people like that ...that make it hard for others who desperatly want to raise children that cant have them !! child support and a payout for her from the donors is in order

adopt... adoption2013

I'd go after legal custody with no access and child support.  I'd also consider going after the eldest child because these people are obviously sociopaths.

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