Kailyn Lowry Bares Her Beautiful Belly in Lovely Pregnancy Photos

Kailyn LowryTeen Mom Kailyn Lowry has come a long, long way since her days on the MTV show. She is now married to Javi Marroquin, mother to an active 3-year-old, and expecting baby number two. To celebrate her pregnancy, Kailyn took a series of nude and nearly nude pregnancy photos that were shared on several sites. They are lovely (see them here). 

I am sure that some people will judge her for taking this photo, but as a fellow pregger, I say you go girl! First of all, she looks fantastic. At 21, she still has perfect legs and everything is where it's supposed to be, so good on her. But more than that, pregnancy is really a beautiful time.

Oh sure, I know, we all feel disgusting and overweight and not ourselves. I know I do now, in fact. But I also have the perspective of two prior pregnancies, and I know that I will look back on this and think I was beautiful. Now, I wish I had photos of my babies in my belly.

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Too often, during pregnancy, we lose perspective. Kailyn is smart in that she knows she will want to remember what she looks like right now. She knows it will matter to her.

It's also a sexy time. Oh we might not FEEL that way at the time, but the reality is, it's a time where we are ripening, blossoming, and moving into a new phase of life. It should be recorded.

Kailyn's photos went public and I am sure some will judge that, but I say it's a great thing. Why shouldn't we have more examples of pregnant women who are proud of their form and proud of the changes happening within them.

Pregnancy might feel like forever when you are in the midst of it, but in the long run, it's a blip, an instant, a small moment in your life. It's worth recording and sharing and being proud.

There is nothing fiercer than pregnancy. Kailyn looks great and she is proud of it. Good for her for showing it off.

Would you ever do nude pregnancy shots?


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Cleme... Clemency3

I say...if you have the body and no stretch marks then by all means. Unfortunately I have stretch marks out the wazzoo and would not want to share them with anyone. 

nonmember avatar sherlyn

She's beautiful. No shame in thw game we as women mother especially need to let go of this perfect body image and self hate stuff its time to love our post baby bodys as much as we love our babies who made them that way

nonmember avatar Valerie

Looks like she is acquiring javi's crazy eyes

Barbara Jackson Scott

Beautiful pictures! Everyone is making them sound like porn. Kaitlyn, they are gorgeous!

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