Security Cameras Catch Mom Giving Birth in Hospital Lobby (VIDEO)

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give birth floorWhat the sh*&? That's the reaction I had after seeing a video of a mom giving birth on the floor in the lobby of Jackson South Community Hospital in Miami.

The footage of Susana Privada's ordeal was captured by a security surveillance camera, and it's nothing short of shocking, to say the least.

First you see Susana and her husband, Carlos Saravia, arrive at the hospital and go up to the information desk. It's clear that she's in full-on labor based on how she puts her head down on her arm in pain.

She then lays down on the floor because she can't wait any longer. Carlos proceeds to start delivering his baby right there in the middle of the lobby while the worker behind the desk calls for help.

Did I mention a dude wearing what appears to be scrubs walks right by her and doesn't bother stopping to lend a hand? (What's up with that?)

To hear more about what happened, take a look at this video clip.


Wow -- what a birth story she has to tell! All I can say is, thank GOD a man in a lab coat finally showed up and rushed to her assistance -- otherwise Carlos may have wound up having to do the whole delivery himself.

And how about that one point in the birth footage where Carlos unzipped his wife's bag and took out what looked like a jacket for something to wrap up his newborn baby in? I couldn't believe it. You'd think since they were in a HOSPITAL, someone could've run down with some towels or blankets or something! And I know they were in the lobby when the birth went down, but it's still shocking that a team of medical professionals didn't show up immediately after the desk worker called to say there was a woman GIVING BIRTH on the freakin' floor!

(Sorry. This story is blowing my mind a little.)

Can you believe this? Are you shocked at how long it took for help to arrive?


Image via CBS Local Miami

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Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Do you remember how long it took for you to walk from the front doors to the maternity ward of the hospital? Hospitals are BIG places. If you're watching the time stamp, you realize that this happening in a matter of minutes. From the time the person called for help, it wasn't long before people came to help... the doctors and nurses are only human- they have to run from where ever they are to get to this poor woman. When a baby comes, it comes- it's not like she was laying there for a long time without anyone helping.

Aside from the scrub guy who shouldn't have helped... I think things happend fast and everyone else had to catch up!

Kayla Still

at the hospital where all three of my children were born, you come in and are in labor, they grab a wheelchair and take you up to labor and delivery.. they dont mess around and make you wait so you have to give birth there in the lobby.. this hospital has some explaining to do!!!

monke... monkeymom1104

That scrub guy could have been in transportation or dietary not exactly trained in this area.

nonmember avatar lisa

What kind of people stand around to just watch somethin like that? Shoot, where I come from everyone would have helped. Geez even some tissues or anything would do. How heartless do you have to be to actually step around something like that and go on with your day ?? Love thy.neighbor, people ... smh

nonmember avatar Amber

The man in white coat is a Nurse :) Everyone that stopped to help (2-3 people) were coming in for their shift or from break... not the hospital team that was called by the receptionist for help. Umbilical cord was around little girl's neck... but Mr. Nurse removed it and she started to cry. He cleaned her up and gave her to Mrs. Brave! Great Job to Mr. Brave also.... i'm not gonna judge the hospital, we have no idea what other emergencies they were attending to.

jalaz77 jalaz77

Poor girl. Lovely how someone decided to send out for the world to see. The person who released this tape will get fired cause hospitals take HIPAA seriously, even if you were not admitted as a patient yet.

zombi... zombiemommy916 my hospital, even the maintenance staff wear scrubs..I love how the guy in the lab coat walks in, delivers a baby, pats the dad on the back and casually walks away! Man he's good! But poor mama, probably not the experience she was hoping for...Congrats to them :)

wdenise wdenise

The lab coat guy looked like he was just walking through the lobby at first. Did you notice? He didn't leave the elevator and go straight to the couple. I bet he was just passing through and stopped to help.

nonmember avatar Calimom

I thought it was pretty inappropriate of those two woman to stand there at the bottom of her feet. Especially the one that pretended like she was putting her purse down. It's already incredibly embarrassing and awkward to give birth like that in such a public place with people walking by and staring. She didn't need those women standing there like that. I know it's hard to look away when something like that is going on but wow. They could've stayed above her head like the other two woman that came into view later.

I agree with Kayla in the fact that they could have wheeled her up while her husband did that or gotten the info from them later. They clearly were not going anywhere. It seemed silly to me.

@ historymama, I have to disagree with you. I think there had to have been someone that could've ran some blankets or a sheet down in the 5 minutes.

In my opinion the hospital handled it wrong and sloppy.

nonmember avatar Wendy

I bet the hospital still bills them an astronomical bill!

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