53-Year-Old Mom Gives Birth to Her Twin Granddaughters

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baby feetThis definitely isn't the first time we've heard about a mother serving as a gestational carrier for her daughter to help her fulfill her dream of becoming a parent, but you're going to be amazed after hearing about how one 53-year-old mom went above and beyond the call of duty.

Susie Kozisek just delivered her daughter's twins -- two baby girls, Hallee and Hadlee, now 3 weeks old. Susie's daughter Ashley was unable to give birth because she suffers from pulmonary hypertension, and that's why Susie stepped in to be a gestational carrier for Ashley and her husband Jay.

Of her decision to carry the babies for her daughter and son-in-law, Susie simply says, "I just wanted them to have the chance to be parents."

Oh, and I should probably go ahead and mention that the twins are Ashley and Jay's second and third children. They also have a 2-year-old daughter, Harper, who Susie also carried and gave birth to.

OMG. If anyone was ever deserving of the title "Grandmother of the Year," it's this woman for sure. She did a selfless, loving, and beautiful thing by offering to help Ashley and Jay become parents, but you have to admit, it seems a bit surprising that she was willing to go through a pregnancy not once, but twice while in her 50s.

Yes, I realize she must have been a very good candidate considering her doctor signed off on it -- but if I were her daughter, I think I would've been a bit hesitant to let my mother risk another pregnancy no matter how much I wanted another baby.

I guess we can assume Susie's first experience as a gestational carrier went well considering she was willing to do it again after the birth of baby Harper. But given her age, there were no guarantees that she'd be able to carry another baby without any complications. And then she wound up pregnant with twins! If that were my mom, I would have been worried sick not only for my unborn babies, but for her health and well being as well.

Even though being a gestational carrier a second time was Susie's idea, I'm not sure I would've agreed to it if I were Ashley. But then again, if Susie is anything like my own mother, odds are good she wasn't about to take no for an answer. Heck, my mom won't let me pay for dinner when we go out together, so I'm sure if she had her mind set on carrying a baby for me, I wouldn't be able to talk her out of it.

Having these children is clearly something Susie was very passionate about. I'm sure every single time she sees her three beautiful grandchildren with their parents, she's reminded again and again of what a wonderful decision she made, and what an incredible gift she gave her child -- three more beautiful little lives.

Would you let your mother be your gestational carrier?


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nonmember avatar Heidi

This is from my hometown. Love to hear this story!

SuzyB... SuzyBarno

If she was in good health and young enough (both in age and at heart) then yes. If not, then no and I would adopt.

Rachel Hoffman

My mom couldn't even if she wanted to.. I think it would be a little strange for my mother to carry my babies, but then again so is a complete stranger... Kudos to this mom for giving her daughter the best gift a mother possibly could. 

Tammi Miller

I would for my children. I had 5 children almost without any complications (I had pneumonia with my daughter and gestational diabetes with my youngest boy) (who is 4 years old, my eldest is almost 23). I would in a heartbeat, if it meant making my child happy. <3

Sherry Ann Starr-Clemens

Who the hell are you to critisize what a mother did for her daughter?? I don't care if I were in my 70s I would do ANYTHING for my daugher including giving my own life. A mother's bond with their daughter's are something I guess you never experienced with your own mother. While in Irac my daughter was told she wouldn't be able to have children.....I vowed then that I would carry any and all children she and her future husband may want. I have 3 chldren and I would give my eyes to if they needed them.

Yesenia Ortiz-Sanchez

This is just amazingly beautiful! She got to deliver and carry her grand babies! Can you imagine?! She got to feel her grandbabies kicking and moving inside her! Amazing! I love love love this story!

Mommy... Mommyzlovez

Hey why they did it is between them as  a family, but I am just happy to red a positive story and wish them all the best <3

BatMom. BatMom.

That's awesome! No, I wouldn't do it..but I don't speak to my mother, due to her untreated mental illnesses and other hellish things I put up with. She's too selfish to do something like that, anyway.

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