52-Year-Old's Dream of Having a Baby Comes True After 20 Years of Disappointment

baby toesKate Fezigha says her daughter is a miracle, and really, it's hard to argue that she could be anything but one. Fezigha, 52, is a midwife and for almost 20 years delivered the babies of other women while desperately aching for one of her own.

She says she and her husband even tried adopting a child from an orphanage, but those efforts were thwarted. Still, she says she never gave up her dreams, even though her child-bearing years supposedly came and went.


She told the Osun Defender:

I was worried that all the children I had taken delivery of while on duty in the hospital were now parents. I reflected and declared to myself that in spite of the fact that no child had died in my hand during birth as a midwife, why shouldn’t I have mine? But a voice kept telling me to redouble my effort and I shall be blessed.

Then came menopause, or what she thought was menopause. According to the paper, her period stopped, but she began feeling a bit off -- with dizziness and some pains. After visiting the doctor, that's when she learned the shocking news -- she was actually pregnant. This past June she gave birth to her daughter, Prudent, at 52 years of age.

I get chills just thinking of how incredibly happy they must be after such an unexpected surprise. To wait so long and to finally get what you've wanted all your life has to be amazing. We went through two years of infertility with my son, and to think of the heartache and subsequent joy when we learned we were pregnant multiplied by so many years is just astounding.

She says it's her faith that led her to finally becoming a mother.

All the period of waiting was not easy, but I am comforted by the word of God. Women who are hoping to have children should put their trust in God.

Easier said than done sometimes, but good for her. And when it comes to infertility, sometimes that's all you can do.

Do you think this woman's pregnancy is a miracle? Has/does faith help you when it comes to infertility and/or pregnancy?


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