5 Myths About Being Pregnant With a Boy That Are Actually True

pregnancy myths about boys, pregnant stomachI'm not a big fan of pregnancy myths, especially when they're based the baby's gender. All the wives' tales about girls turned out to be complete lies when I was expecting my daughter -- and most of them were downright sexist and offensive. Now that I'm pregnant with my second baby, I've thought about all the things that are supposed to happen when you're having a boy like I am this time. And you know what I've found? A lot of them are actually dead-on.

I said a lot -- not all. I've had much worse morning sickness this time than last, when the reverse is supposed to be true. My hair is nice and full, but it was when I was expecting my girl too. I've had more acne this time and I'm much more tired. That last one I can chalk up to the plight of the second pregnancy, though. Running around after a toddler doesn't give you much of a chance to rest.

But as for these 5 common myths about having a boy? Well, they've all come true for me.

1. You carry your weight in your stomach and it juts out like a basketball. I've read that you're supposed to carry higher for boys and lower for girls - and the other way around. I've carried both my babies pretty high, but this one is higher than the last, which is probably why I've been more winded. And while I carried most of my weight in my stomach both times, it's definitely more pronounced and "basketball-like" with my son than it was with my daughter.

2. Boys kick you more. OMG yes. My daughter was active and kicked a lot, but never like this. She never kept me up at night with her kicks, either. There have been times I literally have not been able to sleep, he's moving around so much.

3. Your face doesn't get fuller when you're pregnant with a boy. My face luckily hasn't gotten all that full either time, but it definitely did fill out a little bit when I was pregnant with my girl, especially in the last month This time, nothing so far. And I'm less than four weeks away from my due date.

4. You have more headaches when you're pregnant with a boy. I've had fairly frequent bad headaches with this pregnancy and have resorted to popping Tylenol more than I'd like because of them. I can probably count the number of headaches I had the first time on one hand.

5. When you tie your wedding ring to a string and dangle it over your stomach, it goes back and forth instead of in circles. Ah, yes. The good old ring test. For both pregnancies, it did exactly what it was supposed to do based on gender. It went in circles when I was expecting my daughter and back and forth in the early days of my pregnancy with my son. Accurate results like that are why my mother-in-law swears it's the best way to find out what you're having long before you can do any of those silly medical tests to know for sure.

Have any boy/girl pregnancy myths come true for you?


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nonmember avatar ashley

this bunch of shit

Sarah... SarahHall58

Stupid waste of time

Lulu2216 Lulu2216

Lol I agree with Ashley.

laris... larissalarie

So because the myths happen to be true for you, the writer, you're declaring them "myths that are actually true"?! Wow. I thought maybe you were going to present scientific studies.

Of course the myths are SOMETIMES true, if not they wouldn't have become myths.

danie... danielleapril

omg ladies, lighten up a bit.

SaphireH SaphireH

shes stating what ones became true for her and is wondering did any come true for us

Teri Lopez

I would have to say that 1, 2, 3 and 4 have all been true for me with my boy this time around. My daughter did not kick nearly as often, I carried her higher and not as Basketball-like, I have had far more headaches with my boy, and I my face and neck filled out so much more with my little girl than with my boy. Also, a lot of the differences between carrying a boy and a girl come from the extra estrogen that you have when carrying a girl. THAT has been scientifically proven. Examples of these are extra hair, extra acne, and extra heartburn when you carry a girl. Of course there are always exceptions to the rules, but these things have been proven to occur more often than not.

nonmember avatar Brenda

I have 4 boys. Its different every time.

nonmember avatar Brenda

Teri, you may have a bit extra with a girl, but you have a huge increase in estrogen with EVERY pregnancy, boy or girl.

nonmember avatar Anna

It's just funny the title insinuitated something factual was going to be presented ;). I am 30 weeks pregnant with my third - and I have one girl and one boy already. I have had horrible headaches with this pregnancy (another girl btw) hat I never had with my previous son/daughter. My face was roundest with my son, not either daughter. Everyone comments that this pregnancy, more than either of the others, I am carrying all in my stomach and have a total basketball. And that's hilarious about the kicking because both my first and third (the two girls) have been the biggest kickers...I used to wonder if my son ( a now very active and healthy 3 year old) was comatose in there he was so chill! Every pregnancy is simply different. I do think there are lots of differences between the sexes as they grow up - but in utero I don't believe any of the myths! For me the only one that was true is that I had far worse morning sickness with my girls than my boys - to each their own I guess :)

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