New Fertility App Promises You'll Get Pregnant -- Or They'll Pay for Infertility Treatment

phone bellyFertility? There's an app for that. No, really. Actually there are a bunch of apps available for women who are trying to conceive, most of which work by helping to track cycles and predict peak fertility days -- pretty much what you'd expect from a high tech "get pregnant" aid. Except now there's a new app, "Glow," which goes a step further, promising to help pay for fertility treatments if you don't get pregnant. Sort of a money-back guarantee. But can an app really guarantee a baby?


Here's how it works: Launched on Thursday by former Google Executive Mike Huang and Paypal co-founder Max Levchin, "Glow" features a "Glow First" program, which lets users contribute $50 per month for 10 months to a pool of money. If a member doesn't conceive by the end of that 10-month time period, she gets money from the pool to help pay for infertility treatments. I just have to wonder ... how MUCH money?! The cost of infertility treatments range from $50 per month (fertility drugs) to upward of $15,000 (IVF, etc.). My guess is that either users of the app hoping to cash in on this option will find their treatments drastically underfunded, or that the makers of "Glow" will find themselves bankrupt, fast. Never mind the fact that this app relies solely on data and doesn't take into account many of the common reasons for infertility, from hormonal problems to thyroid imbalances. And what about male infertility?

Bottom line? In my opinion, the free version of Glow might be worth a download, but the paid program could end up being a big disappointment. What do you think?

Would you pay for a fertility app that promised to pay for infertility treatments? 


Image via Raelene G/Flickr

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