Woman Falls to Her Death While on Her First Date With a Man

balcony fallWhen 35-year-old Jennifer Rosoff of Manhattan went out on her balcony with her date, it never occurred to her that it might be her last cigarette. Stunningly, horrifyingly, the beautiful ad executive fell to her death thanks to what appears to have been an unstable balcony fence. She fell the full 17 floors and was dead on impact.

It was her first date with the man who called 9-1-1 in a panic, screaming, "My friend fell! She fell off the building!" Witnesses described him as hysterical and he has been cleared of any foul play. It sounds like it was just a dreadful, shocking accident. How can that even be?

It was just before 1 a.m. after a first date that had apparently gone well enough for her to invite him up. As they talked, she apparently sat up on top of the rail, something it seems she has done many times in the past. He got nervous. He asked her to be more careful. Just as she told him it wasn't a problem, she fell, tumbling 140 feet to the ground below.

Her stunned date was left to call 9-1-1 and run screaming from the building. It's hard to even imagine.

Authorities believe the railing was defective and all residents of the building have been ordered to cease using their balconies. But none of that will bring back Rosoff. It was a shocking and tragic ending to what sounds like a pleasant summer evening. And her date, my God. What happens to him now?

The trauma of seeing something like that, of racing downstairs only to discover there is nothing you can do, of having to call and report something like this. How the hell do you ever recover from this?

It's obviously a real danger for people who live in high rise buildings. It's still a fluke statistically, but it can happen to anyone. Clearly. We just never know when it might be our time. We never really know when a perfect evening with someone with real potential could be the end.

My heart goes out to Rosoff and her family. It's heartbreaking. 

Have you ever heard of something like this happening?


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nonmember avatar myopinion10

Ok yes this is sad but what do people expect to happen? Why aren't people MORE CAREFUL ? Obviously there was a problem with he balcony but the makers probably weren't intending for people to be sitting on it 17 stories in the air.

It seems like sometimes people don't think about consequences? Like why even put yourself in certain situations? Besides the fence failing, she still could have fallen backwards. I just don't understand people putting themselves in dangerous situations then everyone is shocked when someone bad happens to them.

nonmember avatar myinput

Not something exactly like this. But I have heard of people putting themselves in unsafe/dangerous situations and then everyone is stunned that something bad happened.

Black night clubs are notorious for shootings, in our town recently a young black guy got shot and killed by a stray bullet at like 1am.

My point being, don't put yourself in dangerous situations! And think about CONSEQUENCES.

nonmember avatar browser

That gives a new meaning to the the surgeon general's warning that Cigarettes kill

nonmember avatar Ray

She really fell for him

nonmember avatar csparker

The headlines makes it sound like she never dated men before.

nonmember avatar Joe South

Such a sad story about a horrible, fatal accident. I am scared of heights, and I would not even go out on a balcony; afraid it would fall off the building it was attached to.

nonmember avatar The Terd

Could it have been a sexual escapade gone bad?

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