7 Ways the Third Pregnancy Is Nothing Like the First 2 Times

family of four

For the past three years, I have been debating, deciding, and mulling over the possibility of a third baby. By the time my husband and I decided to try, it felt like we had been discussing it for an eternity. Two weeks later, surprise! We were pregnant. With a girl. We are thrilled, elated, and over the moon to be adding a third child to our family, but with a 5-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl, this pregnancy hasn't been anything like the first two.


There are constantly things to do, places to be, and boo-boos that need kissing. I look up sometimes and yet another week has passed. The third pregnancy is really different, indeed. Here are 7 ways:

1. I relish every second: This is probably my last pregnancy. With the other two, I fretted over every last thing, but this time, seven years after the first, I feel so lucky just to be doing it. Feeling the baby move is a total miracle and I can't believe I get to experience it again.

2. I don't fret the weight gain as much: The first two times, I gained 50 pounds. I also lost all 50 of them by month 5. Sure, I worked at it, but it wasn't that hard. This time, I seem to be headed in that same general direction. And you know what? It's fine. I will be back to my size 4's in no time. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy it.

3. So much LOVE: The first time I was pregnant, obviously there was a lot of love. It was so exciting to be expecting with my husband for the first time and my whole family was thrilled. The second time, just nine months after the first was born, was met with equal enthusiasm, but my daughter was too young to get it. NOW? Holy wow. These kids could NOT be more excited. They kiss my belly so much, they leave white streaks from their sunscreen all over my clothes. And I don't mind a bit.

4. Time is flying: The truth is, I can get very busy between working at home, taking care of the kiddos, planning birthday parties, and every other little thing that goes into being a working mama. It's very easy to forget I am expecting and let a whole week pass. It's hard to believe I am already through the first trimester. The first and second time, every week was an eternity. Not this time!

5. People act like you are a pro: The first time, everyone and their mother has tons of advice. This time, first-time moms are asking ME for advice!

6. Less time to connect: With my first two pregnancies, I was a pro about going to prenatal yoga at least three times a week. It was a great time to think only about myself and the baby and really connect. This time around, I am 15 weeks and I have gone once. Oops. I am going to try to go more, but there is just so little time.

7. I ignore a lot of things: The first time, I stopped running (something I adore) on the off-chance that it could hurt the baby. The second time, I ran, but cautiously. This time, I run. I keep up with my routine the way I did before and so far, so good. I also ignore a lot of comments from people who tell me what I can and can't do. It's between me and my midwife. The end.

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