'Teen Mom' Star's New Baby Name Is Earning Him a Whole Lot of Hate

Chelsea HouskaChelsea Houska is a fan favorite on MTV's Teen Mom while her baby daddy Adam Lind is ... not. In fact, he is probably one of the more hated dads given how he treated Chelsea after their daughter Aubree was born. But now he is having a new baby with his girlfriend Taylor, and the two of them have revealed that they plan to name her Paislee. Cue the Internet crap storm.

It seems most of the judgment around the name comes from the use of the double E as it's similar to Aubree's name. But hey, maybe it's a compliment. Could be, right? They are sisters. Maybe Adam is trying to make sure the two names go together.

There is also some judgement just about the name itself. It makes perfect sense why so many new parents keep the names quiet. People are SO judgmental about names. It's kind of awful.


According to family legend, when I was born, my grandmother told my mother my name sounded like a "goddamn DP" ("displaced person" after World War II). My aunt also had some snarky things to say about my daughter's name soon after I had her (despite the fact that she named her kids the most bland, boring, trendy American names you can think of). So yeah. There is a lot of name judgment.

Hell, even the Duchess of Cambridge is not immune. I heard a lot of grumbling last week over Kate's name choice (George). "It's boring!"; "It sounds like an old man." Here's an idea: Shut up!

I mean, really. Choosing a name for your child is a big, big deal. It's a big responsibility and a lot of work. As an expectant mom myself, I feel that pressure and basically never want to reveal the name we are thinking even though it's TOTALLY AWESOME and I LOVE IT.

Most of the time, names end up suiting people. And while it's true that what we name our kids does reveal a lot about our past and our upbringing (for instance, Kate wasn't going to name her baby Jayden), it's still up to each parent to choose their own name. So judgy people, shut your traps.

Did people snark on your baby's name?

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