41-Year-Old Delivers Her First Child Just Hours After Finding Out She's Pregnant Not Constipated

baby toesAmanda Ross is still in shock. She said she had some stomach cramps, so she went to see her doctor to get some medication for constipation. Instead, however, she got something very different -- a baby.

According to The Sun, the doctor sent the 41-year-old woman to a midwife who did an ultrasound and determined that Amanda was eight months pregnant. She says she had no signs, no symptoms, and was completely flabbergasted by the news. Just hours later she delivered a baby girl weighing 4 pounds, 9 ounces via emergency C-section.

She had never been pregnant before and, at her age, probably didn't think she ever would be. Her partner of 14 years, Paul Dean, says it's a big adjustment.

I thought, "Where the hell did that come from?" She’s had no pains or cravings or stomachaches, nothing. I’m still in shock and the reality has yet to sink in. It’s going to take some getting used to.

Getting used to indeed. This isn't the first story we've seen about a woman not knowing she was pregnant, but I'm always fascinated by them. As shocking as it would be, I also think of all of the benefits to not knowing you're pregnant.

Think about all of the stress pregnant women have worrying about tests and what-ifs. There are baby name battles that drag on and all that crazy crap we buy starting the minute we know we're pregnant that we think we need. We do gender reveal extravaganzas and baby shower blow-ups, and it's all just so much. All of that would fall by the wayside if we didn't know, and we'd just figure it all out in the moment.

Of course, it's better that women know so that they can eat right and avoid dangers and get the best medical care they can. But not knowing isn't all bad either.

Do you think there are benefits to not knowing you're pregnant?

Image via Heather Franks/Flickr

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sylph... sylph_ironlight

Hopefully they have some money saved up as both of them are unemployed. Best of luck to them.

crazy... crazy_mum

Just curious how you know that they are unemployed. I did not read that part in the story. Then again I could have missed it.

Amber Marie Banks

I didn't see anything about them being unemployed....


LoveM... LoveMyKBabies

Good question crazy_mum I don't see anything about her being unemployed either. Best of luck to them!

Tammy Jo Pruden

I had a similar situation. I went to the doctor with back pain and found out I was 22 weeks pregnant and in labor. I still had my menses and was on birth control. From that day on I was on Bed Rest.

3girl... 3girlskdpreno

I didnt know with my 3rd daughyer til I was 19 weeks!


Alicia Boda

Here's an interesting question, why is the woman's partner only 14 when she's 41? Did anyone else notice this?

Alicia Boda

Oh wait I take that back. It says her partner of 14 years. Jesus that confused me there for a second. Thank god her partner isn't 14 years old lol. Now I feel like an idiot lol


Kimberly Ghilarducci

He's been her partner for 14 years. He's not 14 years old.

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