Hunter Mahan Withdraws From Golf Tournament He Was Winning to Attend Daughter's Birth

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Hunter MahanGolfer Hunter Mahan definitely has his priorities in perspective. He was playing yesterday in the RBC Canadian Open, and was in the lead. He was at 13 under after 36 holes, if that means anything to you, but it didn't mean as much to him as attending the birth of his first child, a daughter. 

His wife, Kandi, wasn't due for another month, but as we know, babies don't always come right on schedule. In the middle of the tournament his agent got a call  -- she was in labor. Without hesitation, Hunter withdrew from the tournament, which carries a $1million prize for the winner, and headed straight to the hospital in Dallas where his wife was preparing to give birth.

In a statement Mahan said:

I received exciting news a short time ago that my wife Kandi has gone into labor with our first child. Kandi and I are thrilled about the addition to the Mahan family and we look forward to returning to the RBC Canadian Open in the coming years.

Fortunately, he made it in time. Today he tweeted news of his daughter's arrival:

What a whirlwind of a day, but I'm happy to announce the birth of my daughter Zoe Olivia Mahan born at 3:26 am. Thanks for all the support!

He went on to say that mom and baby are "doing great" and thanked his sponsors who "appreciate what's important in life." What a great dad! 

If I was in his wife's position ... I don't know. That's a lot of money he was awfully close to winning -- $1,008,000, to be exact. I might have been tempted tell him to stay and play. Maybe she could have Skyped him in for the birth? In all seriousness though, I have great admiration for them for choosing to put their baby first. There will be plenty of other golf tournaments, but this was truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  He's definitely a winner in our books.

Would you want your husband to give up $1 million to attend your baby's birth?


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Blues... Blueshark77

I think it's wonderful he left. My guy and his mother thought he should have tried to finish the tournament, but I said this is their first child and you'll never get that moment again. Plus I was so nervous and unsure with my first labor I would not have wanted to be on my own. Then again that $1M buys a lot of diapers. :)

Brain... BrainyMommy

I'm supposed to commend this guy because he attended the birth of his premature child? Ummm. That's called being a responsible parent. 

2nino... 2ninos4me

Thats a great thing that he did !! Any responsible husband would have done the same as him , sure is a lot of money but he can always get paid well but the birth of one's child only happens once and it cant or for some shouldn't be bought !


i would have beat my husbands ass if he would have walked away from winning lol. i could video te birth and he could watch it later

Jessica Lynn Voss

I'm always grey area on these things lol for a premature baby I would have wanted my husband there because that's scary. If they make what we're pulling in I would definitely be tempted to tell him to stay. I think it's touching that he walked away from something like that to be there. And for the person who said that's just being responsible there's really no reason the husband/partner HAS to be there. Don't get me wrong I want my husband there and as a partner I feel they should be supportive through the labor by being there but certain religions forbid that so not everyone shares that experience. There are also husbands who are out of town who end up missing labor, that's not irresponsible. My dad was working when my mom went into labor with my brother and almost missed it. It's nice to see that money isn't everything to some people but I will definitely admit that if my husband were looking at a million dollars I'd be thinking of an addition to our house and paying off student loans affording us the ability to put money away for our kids' college funds. It's not like he'd be away for months.

Jennifer Devries

If there was a milli on the line im good ive got family n friends to be there!

jaspe... jasper1031

Its so sad that in this day most of us could use the money so bad we would be willing to sacrafice that awesome first moment as a new family....I would have told him to finish.

daniamng daniamng

I think this was the right thind to do. Money comes and goes but this was one in lifetime experience to witness the birth of his first child and suppprt his wife also. Video's would mean nothing. Hearing that first cry, holding him, all those emotions that can be bought. Congratulations to him and his family.

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