Kate Middleton's Natural Birth Sets the Bar Royally High for Other Moms

Kate MiddletonAs if Kate Middleton's life couldn't get any more fairy-tale perfect. Not only did she deliver the beautiful prince George Alexander Louis this week, she also reportedly had the exact kind of delivery she was hoping for -- a natural birth.  

We knew she was considering using hypnobirthing and eschewing any kind of drugs. And if Access Hollywood and Perez Hilton are to be believed, that's just how it happened.

With every frock she dons selling out in record time, I can only imagine what this news (even if unconfirmed) is going to do for the natural birth movement. If Kate Middleton can handle natural birth, I bet we're going to see a whole lot more women around the world wanting to try it too.

It's a good thing. There are so very many benefits to natural births. From a reduced risk of Cesarean sections, the use of forceps, and vacuum extraction to the avoidance of side effects from anesthesia, there are physical benefits as well as emotional.

Of course, just like not everyone can be a princess, not everyone can have a natural birth. I had two c-sections so it wasn't an option for me, and if it had been an option, I still don't think I would have taken it. I was terrified of the pain and would have taken all the drugs I could have gotten no matter what.

It's a personal decision every woman has to make for herself, but I am glad to see that Kate got the birth she wanted. And if she inspires others to rethink how they might want to birth their babies, then there are certainly worse things to emulate.

Are you glad to learn that Kate Middleton had a natural birth? Do you think it will increase the rate of natural births?


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nonmember avatar Ms. Ronnie Sing

I am a HypnoBirthing practitioner . Birthing is natural - learning the benefits of hypnosis enables the birthing mother and her birthing champion to have the 'magical' birthing experience that they imagined. 'Imagination+knowledge=belief and anticipation'

Believe in the magic of birth'


Good for her. But it's not going to make me any more likely to do a natural birth. That epidural was freakin amazing!

Hannah Oliver Beha

I debated with the first child if I wanted a natural birth. 2 Contractions in they offered me an epidural, my response? "Get him in here NOW!" With my second they barely were able to get it in, the extra contractions were miserable!

Dana Truett

I think it is wonderful,that she wanted to do that.

Robin Hartman

My first born was natural birth. Thirty six hours later I delivered an 11 lb boy ! My second was by c-sect. We had a 9/12 lb girl ! Each one is different:)

Marian O'Callaghan

I had 3 natural births , I was lucky my labours were fast and when my babies wanted to come they wanted to get out . So the pain didn't last too long I only had gas for the pain... I would do it again and again... I had a section recently for a cyst in my ovary and had to get the ovary removed... I couldn't imagine trying to take care of a little baby after that , so much plus's for a natural birth... recovery so much faster..

Michelle Black

I did my last 2 natural although the pain was right at the unbearable point I knew it would pay off in the and boy did it after I finally got my girl. I have three boys, 21,16,3 and I had waited 15 yrs for HER to arrive so it was completely worth it. She is now 1 and I wouldnt have done anything different.So if you can do it I say go for it. Your labor may even go faster.

Brenda Mumsy Mcnamara

I had 4 natural births no gas no air no nothing enjoyed every minute ,had them all under 1.00 hour all over 7lbs except one prem baby ,no stitchs ,but I know that doesn't happen with all ,c section is sometimes a life saving op for mum and baby

Estee Wilcox

Nah !!! I will try anything may even name my kid Georgey ... But I won't do that!! I want to be numb ... from the waist down ..

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