What Annoys You About Other Pregnant Women?

annoying pregnant womennici3 wondered in Pregnancy if moms ever got annoyed by the way other pregnant women act -- just generally the things they say and do. Um, the answer would be yes, Here's what moms said bugged them.


10 Annoying Things Other Pregnant Women Do

Getting all I'm-doing-everything-by-the-book -- and then judging you if you aren't

Whining and complaining -- non-stop

Trying to make "their" opinions "yours"

Barely-pregnant women insisting on wearing maternity clothes, waddling when they walk, and claiming they can feel the baby "fluttering"

Dropping little comments when you're eating or drinking, like, "Oh, I didn't know we could have that" or, "But you're not going to drink that cider, right?"

Being super-extreme -- either every happening in their pregnancy is sooooo dramatic and no one else could possibly understand what she's experiencing, or... everything's fine. Totally fine. No aches, no pains, no complaints -- everything's perfect!

Acting like they shouldn't have to lift a finger for nine months because they're pregnant

Assuming the two of you should be new best friends -- just be cause you're both pregnant

Being competitive -- saying they've got things "way worse" than you do or boasting that they can still fit into their regular clothes

Not being able to talk about anything except being pregnant

What else? What annoys you about other pregnant women?

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