Kate Middleton & Prince William Treat Hospital Staff Like Royalty After Their Prince Is Born

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kate middleton and prince williamYesterday the world cheered as Prince William and Kate Middleton finally welcomed the new royal baby into the world. The 8-pound, 6-ounce prince was born after what seems to have been a long labor, and both mom and baby are reportedly doing well.

While we still don't have a baby name yet, the new parents did issue their first joint statement since the prince's birth. And it's one of the sweetest that you can imagine.

According to Us Weekly, it read:

We would like to thank the staff at the Lindo Wing and the whole hospital for the tremendous care the three of us have received.

We know it has been a very busy period for the hospital and we would like to thank everyone -- staff, patients, and visitors -- for their understanding during this time.

They didn't gush about their love for their beautiful new child (which would have been totally understandable), but instead they took time to thank the people that brought him into this world. What an incredibly gracious thing to do in their first statement.

I'm sure the doctors, nurses, and other workers were under a tremendous amount of stress with it being the royal baby and all. So to have them acknowledge this first is just perfect.

I wonder how many other parents of non-royal children take the time to do the same. Not in a press statement, of course, but with a card, small gift, or just a word of thanks for the people who helped deliver their babies and care for them in the hours after.

When my son was born prematurely, we stayed in the hospital for three months, and I saw first-hand how hard the nurses and doctors work and what a huge difference they could make in our days. We got to know some of them well, and when we checked out, we delivered small gifts to them. With my daughter's typical birth, however, it never dawned on me to do so, and I wish that I had.

Leave it to the royal couple to set a good example for all of us.

Did you thank the hospital staff that delivered your children? If so, how?


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Laura K Ockelkorn

No one in the hospital delivered my children. I did that myself thank you very much. They offered advice and medical carebut let's be clear, KATE delivered her child.

nonmember avatar Marie

Though I'm not a mother yet, I have spent some time in the hospital. Whenever I have had to stay in the hospital, I make sure to have a bowl of treats in my room for anyone who helps take care of me, from the doctors and nurses you the transporters who will you down to take a test. You'd be surprised how shocked and grateful these people are to have that little bit of acknowledgment, which is a sad commentary on how little thought we put on those who have devoted their lives taking care of others. When I've had a longer stay, particularly when its the same style mostof the stay, I've always made sure to send thank you cards, to recognize people who have gone above and beyond by contacting supervisors, just anything that I can think of you show my appreciation for the care that I've received. Just like any customer care situations, the complaints are always very vocal when something goes wrong. But when things go right, all too often its just taken for granted. We need to make the effort to recognize the care that we're given. I think it's important in any customer service situation to recognize service that's above and beyond, but when it comes to people for handling your health, it's just that much more important to recognize the people who have work long hours and had compassion and cares for a us in times of need, be it for illness, injury, or joyous occasions like births.

gemin... geminigirls

Yes.  My ex and I left a basket of cookies and boxes of tea.

nonmember avatar aimee

she did not have a long labor. say that again when her next baby takes 32 hours to arrive

nonmember avatar Sunflirt

I think more people than you realize! I just had a baby boy 2 months ago and had special thank you cards with photos and his birthdate and time printed. I gave them to my OB and took one to the hospital to give to the staff there along with some donuts. I took my time in writing very heartfelt messages of thanks inside. My doctor thanked me on my next visit. He said he was so touched that he showed the card to several people. After the care I received from him and the hospital staff it was the least I could do!

nonmember avatar Sonu

We got them tons of chocolates.......

Melvina Grose

When I had my daughter I was so overcome with happiness and gratitude that a week after she was born I went and wrote out a card to thank everyone in the OB ward in the hospital for such wonderful care that they gave me and my daughter. I feel as working in such a busy department that they should receive thanks and gratitude for all that they do considering that they are heros in their own way. I could't have been more happier and grateful for the doctors and nurses in the OB department. Thank you all for what you do!

Sally Beth Edelstein

While the Duchess of Cambridge, like most new Moms today, will get a very un-royal speedy exit from the hospital after giving birth to her new little prince, my own mid-century Mom was treated like a Queen with a full 10 day stay in the hospital after giving birth to her own little princess…me. When I was born , a hospital stay of at least 10-14 days was a must, although some progressive hospital sent patients home in as little as 7. For a look at how times have changed for new mothers visit http://envisioningtheamericandream.com/2013/07/23/bringing-baby-home/

nonmember avatar Cynthia

I am an OB nurse on a postpartum unit. More patients than you think leave us thank you cards & goodies. We have a cork board in the break room that we display all the cards on, & a scrape book that we put them in after a few months.

Tammy Carroll

they are/have always been/and will always be fu*king awesome. to bad celebrities aren't that way huh?

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