5 Early Pregnancy Symptoms That Can Fake You Out

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pregnantWhether you're actually trying to get pregnant or are really hoping you're not, each month can present a whole lot of guessing, speculation, and watching out for the classic early pregnancy symptoms. The problem is, those symptoms are anything but concrete.

When there's so much emotion involved in something this monumental, it can be easy to imagine that you're experiencing pregnancy symptoms. I know when I was trying for years to get pregnant, I spent hours perusing lists of symptoms and comparing them to how I was feeling. I was convinced pretty much every month for two years straight that I was pregnant, though month after month I wasn't.

Two children later, I still find myself doing a slightly scaled down but more panic-filled version of this every month even though now I adamantly do NOT want be pregnant. 

Either way it's a frantic game that we shouldn't really bother playing until we have confirmation on a pregnancy stick. But who can resist?  Here are five early pregnancy symptoms it's easy to imagine you have.

1. Sore boobs

If you poke them often enough checking to see if they're sore, they actually get sore. Also, this is a classic sign of PMS so it's an especially annoying one.

2. Nausea

Honestly, the thought of adding another child to our already hectic life right now makes my stomach toss and turn a bit every month. So it's hard to tell.

3. Mood Swings

Trying to get pregnant and imagining life with a baby (or more babies) is a stressful business. Whose moods don't swing when they think about how their life could be changing shortly?

4. Fatigue

All of that wondering, guessing, poking, and prodding can wear you out physically too. And we all could use a nap.

5. Food cravings

When you're pregnant you call them cravings, when you're not, you call them lack of willpower. The very fact that I could have a growing excuse for my NEED for ice cream just amplifies my desire for it.

Have you ever been convinced you were pregnant when you weren't?


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Alexa... AlexaAdams

Yes! We were trying to conceive and I was convinced it worked. Turns out it was just a bad time to get a stomach bug but we conceived the next month.

abra819 abra819

8 months later.....still ttc :(

Freela Freela

Several times I have convinced myself I was pregnant, only to find that I wasn't. My symptoms were probably a combination of PMS and fertility meds (I was on clomid at the time, and probably overanalyzing things because I was so desperate to get pg.)

Ironically, twice I was pg and was convinced that I wasn't because I had such nasty cramps that I was sure I was going to get my period imminently. With my youngest I didn't even find out I was pg until I was over a week late, because I was so crampy that I didn't bother worrying about my late period for days and days!

Blues... Blueshark77

Once when my period was late. When I did become pregnant besides the period being late my only symptoms were peeing A LOT and getting up early for breakfast (I'm not a breakfast person), I didn't have any of the symptoms listed above.

Trixie Pickard

Wow as a mother of 6 this lady seems very anti-child to me.  No where in there does she sound positive or what not.  Children aren't a curse or a burden, they are a blessing and if you cannot see that than maybe you shouldn't be a parent.  Good grief!!

Shannon Pataky

I feel this writters pain.  Now that I have my children, I'm happy to not have to start over again.  We have a pretty good life.  And no matter what protection you use, it's still always in the back of your mind when that date rolls around on the calendar.  My FAVORITE pregnancy symptom always gets me.  Usually the first day of my monthly causes me to be incredibly horney, as did being pregnant with my daughter.  so, the moments between the hormones being all crazy and the reason why actually starting, I'm sweating it.

artis... artistmom27

I suffered these symptoms just last week. My DH and I are trying to wait until after our family vacation to try for another baby. So when these symptoms and my lack of a period started, I was beginning to freak out. As of today, I haven't started but I feel I am going to within the next 48 hours.

sleep... sleepy20520

you should add the symptom, cramps without a period. i had what i thought was early period cramps for about a 2 weeks - thought i was gona have an early period the whole time.  needless to say that never happened and i ended up being prego.  that symptom plus the day my period was due i was peeing about 10 times a day was my big red flag

Butte... Buttercup119

No, but I have been convinced I was not pregnant when I actually was. lol. I was 8 weeks along when I found out for certain. You would think the horrible, all day sickness that persisted for weeks would have clued me in!

Trisha Capron

Yes I am the same way I always think I could be pregnant because I go so long btw periods which stinks cause I really want to concive abother on


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