Naturally Conceived Triplets Born to Two Moms Days Apart in Same Hospital

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tripletsTriplets. Let's just take that in for a moment. Three babies at one time. Wow! My friend is a triplet mom -- she is the best multi-tasker I know, and with triplets, you need to be since you only have two hands and two breasts. Triplets are also rare -- reportedly there is about one triplet birth in 1,000. And contrary to what most people believe, some multiples are born naturally, and some are conceived naturally. Like the two sets of triplets born in Kansas. Which makes them even more rare -- triplets conceived naturally make up one in 62,500 births.

Yes, you read that right. Anyone with three times the luck could get pregnant with triplets. (Okay, more luck than that.) And two women did. And then they delivered their set of triplets in the very same hospital just days apart, making Stormont-Vail's NICU extremely special.

Terra and Louie Constantino were excited about baby number 4 and then they found out they were also having baby number 5 and 6. The Constantinos had three sons ages 14, 11, and 3 when identical triplets Louie, Giovanni, and Rocky were born. Six boys! Rocky! Sorry, Louie and Giovanni, but your brother got the coolest name ever. Will and Kate should have chosen Rocky instead of George.

First-time parents Danielle and Randy Rickert didn't even know they were having triplets until they got the shock of their lives at their 31st-week checkup. They had no time to prepare since two days later their identical triplet boys were born -- Maddox, Liam, and Kennedy. Great name. Great name. Great name.

Natural triplets! Identical boys! Same hospital, same NICU! I'm so happy to report that all the newborn boys are healthy and thriving, making this story that much more beautiful ... or should I say handsome.

Do you have triplets? Know anyone who does?


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nonmember avatar Cera Ann

No .. but I naturally conceived quadruplets :) I was only 20 years old when my late husband and I found out we were pregnant with triplets!!! We didn't find out until literally 2 days before their birth (Aug 1995) that there was a 4th. She turned out to be a girl which was a great shock as we had been expecting 3 boys!! Community East Hospital in Indianapolis provided us with so much, we were young and it was hard but we made it! My babies are almost 18 yrs old. My daughter Blessing is going to Bellarmine University on softball scholarship :) My sons Jacob Jackie & Jason are all on to their own things too ... Jason is making me a grandma the beginning of January. Their father passed away when they were 7, he would be very proud.

Crystal Rose Gray

Wow that is too cool.  Lots of hard work ahead for sure.  I kinda feel bad about the family with 3 older boys not one girl in the mix for the momma to play with lol.  But congrats to the families they will prolly stay in touch and the triplets will all be friends I love it! Enjoy your new babies. Cera Ann that is a great story congrats to you as well on becoming a grandma.  You were blessed for sure and you got a surprise girl in there too. 


My aunt had triplets 4 months before my mother had me, my aunt had already had 2 children before that!!, my uncle said he used to almost pass out just watching all 3 babies kick in my aunts belly lol. as much work as it would be to have multiples i would love to have twins or triplets to add to my family ( i have 2 daughters now). good luck to the families!!

Melissa Nicholas Adkins

I worked with a lady who has triplets, two boys and one girl! They were conceived naturally as well.

nonmember avatar Amber

I have twins that are 9 and triplets that are 2. The twins are boy, Barry and Curty. The triplets are boy, girl, girl, Lilly, Annie, and Charlie. All of them were named after family members. All conceived naturally. Life is hectic to say the least, but man do we have fun. Twins were born at 35 weeks and the trips were born at 34 weeks 5 days.

nonmember avatar steph

How bad is your Dr and ultrasound tech that they don't realize there's 3 babies in there til 31 weeks. 3! That's kinda hard to miss.

jessi... jessicasmom1

Whew alot of babies . at one time 

UmiFujii UmiFujii

I would have LOVED this to happen to me. Most of my friends however would freak out!

nonmember avatar Pamela Martin

My husband birthday is today. He was a quadruplet one of 4 born 1950 to a mothrr & father in Mississippi. So you know it wasn't with help. They already had 7 single birth children. Matthew, Mark, Luke & John. It was better than Harry, Larry, Jerry & Cary!

nonmember avatar Pamela Martin

Oh I forgot. Matthew Mark John & Luke. Mark & Luke were identical and Matthew & John were identical out of the 4 isn't that funny? Two red head green eyes & 2 brown hair & brown eyes.

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