Naturally Conceived Triplets Born to Two Moms Days Apart in Same Hospital

tripletsTriplets. Let's just take that in for a moment. Three babies at one time. Wow! My friend is a triplet mom -- she is the best multi-tasker I know, and with triplets, you need to be since you only have two hands and two breasts. Triplets are also rare -- reportedly there is about one triplet birth in 1,000. And contrary to what most people believe, some multiples are born naturally, and some are conceived naturally. Like the two sets of triplets born in Kansas. Which makes them even more rare -- triplets conceived naturally make up one in 62,500 births.

Yes, you read that right. Anyone with three times the luck could get pregnant with triplets. (Okay, more luck than that.) And two women did. And then they delivered their set of triplets in the very same hospital just days apart, making Stormont-Vail's NICU extremely special.


Terra and Louie Constantino were excited about baby number 4 and then they found out they were also having baby number 5 and 6. The Constantinos had three sons ages 14, 11, and 3 when identical triplets Louie, Giovanni, and Rocky were born. Six boys! Rocky! Sorry, Louie and Giovanni, but your brother got the coolest name ever. Will and Kate should have chosen Rocky instead of George.

First-time parents Danielle and Randy Rickert didn't even know they were having triplets until they got the shock of their lives at their 31st-week checkup. They had no time to prepare since two days later their identical triplet boys were born -- Maddox, Liam, and Kennedy. Great name. Great name. Great name.

Natural triplets! Identical boys! Same hospital, same NICU! I'm so happy to report that all the newborn boys are healthy and thriving, making this story that much more beautiful ... or should I say handsome.

Do you have triplets? Know anyone who does?


Image via WIBW

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