Kate Middleton Is in Labor: All the Official Details

kate middleton prince williamThis is IT! After what seems like foreeever, Kate Middleton is officially in labor! An official statement from Kensington Palace was released early today noting, "Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge has been admitted this morning to St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London in the early stages of labour. The Duchess traveled by car from Kensington Palace to the Lindo Wing at St. Mary's Hospital with The Duke of Cambridge." YAY!

A source tells Us that just minutes before 6 a.m. London time, Wiliiam and Kate arrived in a security officer-driven vehicle, and they were spotted entering the hospital's rear entrance. The palace says that when she was admitted, Kate was already in labor and also that her labor is progressing normally. (There is no suggestion that she was induced.)

And if all of this didn't already feel momentous enough, get this ... 

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Shortly after the Duke and Duchess arrived, a loud clap of thunder was heard over west London. Whoa, right? So, make no mistake -- this royal baby is bound to make a grand entrance!

Still no definite idea of whether we're about to welcome a little Prince or Princess ... Apparently even Kate and Wills themselves don't know the sex of the baby and have chosen to be surprised, says a royal spokesperson. (Guess that buzz about Kate almost saying "daughter" and Harry spilling the beans that it's a boy was all a ruse?!)

One rumor that obviously proved to be true: Carole Middleton apparently said that her grandchild would be a Leo. The sun moves into regal Leo today, so that's most likely going to be the case (depending on what time the baby's born) ... Which makes it even more fitting that whether it's a boy or girl, the couple's firstborn will be third in line to the British throne, right after grandpa Prince Charles and new daddy Prince William. So exciting!

We're bound to get more info from the Palace as things progress, as well. Once the baby is born, a traditional notice will be posted on a wooden easel just inside Buckingham Palace railings -- the same one that was used to announce Prince William's birth in 1982 -- followed moments later by an electronic message to the media and the world. That's when we'll learn the baby's sex! Love it.

And following that, the baby will be seen publicly for the first time when the couple pose for pictures on the steps of the hospital. It's possible that's when they'll also share the name, but it could instead follow in a few days. Judging from history, it could go either way ... William's name was released several days post-hospital and Harry's as the family left St. Mary's. Also, a senior source tells People that it's "unlikely" that the Queen will visit Kate and Wills and the baby in the hospital. Instead, they'll probably bring the baby to his or her great-grandmother.

In the meantime, we know Kate is being attended to by a team headed by royal gynecologist Marcus Setchell and Dr. Alan Farthing. There are also thought to be some anesthetists, midwives, and nurses attending to Kate.

We know the royal mama-to-be is in good hands and all sounds beyond exciting. Can't wait for more happy news from across the pond!

Any thoughts or advice for the Duchess?

Image via Wikimedia

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bills... billsfan1104

Can you guys apologize for calling er a liar, now???

jalaz77 jalaz77

Here we go...who cares!!??

phant... phantomphan

i hope all goes smoothly and quickly! congrats to the new parents. i wish diana could be here to share this with them.

JessieBell Bassett

the grandmother is wrong I looked it up the baby will be a Capricorn or Aquarius bc the Leo does not start coming in to a sight till August 6,2013

nonmember avatar Amanda

Obviously you didn't look up anything correct, Leo is July 23rd - August 22nd. Check your facts jessiebell bassett.

Missm... Missmarya

Leo is correct.

Maryann Head

Leo it will be. I was born in july .

Jayme Peters

@JessieBell - That's not true!! My bday is 8/3 and I am a leo.

nonmember avatar Lola Van Dyk

A little lion (Leo) is on her/his way! This is all so exciting!

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