Mom Gives Birth During Her Baby Shower -- Now That's a Fun Party Game!

baby shower cupcakesI hate to say it, but as much as I love baby showers, if you've been to one, you've pretty much been to them all. Sure some are grander, or have differing themes, or have an explosion of Pinterest-inspired details, but the core is the same -- games, presents, cake, and lots of oohing and aahing. Anna Smith's baby shower, however, was definitely a one-of-a-kind affair.

According to the Daily Mail, the 33-year-old mother-to-be was about two weeks away from her due date on the day of the party, which was held at her house. The balloons were in place; the food was prepared; and the guests started arriving. Then a very special guest made a most unexpected arrival.


Anna started feeling some stomach pains and went upstairs to relax for a few minutes. When her friends, who were bridesmaids in her wedding, went up to check on her, the next thing they knew the baby was coming, and suddenly they were acting as midwives. They called for an ambulance, but little Martha was born before help could arrive. Anna told the paper:

When I'd first started having stomach pains, a few of us were joking saying, "Oh, haha, what if the baby came today?" But I never thought in a million years it would come true.

Meanwhile the guests were downstairs waiting and worrying. Can you imagine? When little Martha let out a cry, they all cheered. The ambulance arrived shortly thereafter and took mom and baby to the hospital. Both are home now and doing well.

That certainly added some pep that party! We hear stories all the time of babies born in unexpected places. From cars to stores to airplanes, sometimes babies just come wherever they please. This, however, is one of the best I've heard. While it wasn't planned, if there was anywhere besides a hospital I'd want to deliver my baby, it would be in my own home with friends and family I love helping me.

I just hope somebody saved her some cake!

What's the most exciting thing that you've ever seen happen at a baby shower?

Image via Clever Cupcakes/Flickr

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