Aquatic Exercise May Make Labor Easier

aquatic exercise labor and delivery

We know moderate exercise while pregnant is generally considered to be a good thing -- helps keep you healthy. But a new study suggests doing water aerobics while pregnant may actually make labor and delivery easier.


The study charted the effects of aquarobics on a group of 71 pregnant women in Brazil -- about half of them attended three 50-minute sessions a week over the course of their pregnancies. The other ladies did not.

Those that took the water aerobics class asked for pain meds during labor far less than those who didn't. The head researcher noted "We found no significant differences in the duration of labor or the type of delivery between the two groups. However, only 27% of women in the aquarobics group requested analgesia, compared to 65% in the control group. This represents a 58% reduction in requests."

Miss-Baby-Baker asked moms in Pregnancy what types of exercises she could do to make labor easier -- moms suggested walking, yoga, bouncing on a labor ball, and of course practicing those Kegels.

What about you? What exercises -- or other things -- are you doing to help prepare for labor and delivery?

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