Queen Elizabeth Is More Excited About Her Summer Vacation Than the Royal Baby

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Queen ElizabethSnort. Who knew Her Majesty had such a great sense of humor? When a group of schoolchildren asked her about the royal baby, Queen Elizabeth indicated she hopes Kate Middleton gives birth soon -- basically because she's got a deadline she wants to adhere to.

Her exact words were, "I would very much like it to arrive soon. I'm going on holiday."

OMG. The Queen is worried the royal baby is going to screw up her vacation plans if he or she doesn't show up before she leaves for Balmoral at the end of next week.

In other words, the baby is crampin' her style by taking so long to get here.

Are you loving this or what?

Ok, ok, so I'm sure she didn't mean to come off as annoyed, but her choice of words does make it sound like the thought of Kate Middleton's labor and delivery forcing her to alter her holiday plans has crossed her mind.

And based on the possibility that Kate has been lying about her due date and may not give birth until the end of the month, there's definitely a chance that Queen Elizabeth may not be heading off to Balmoral on the 19th.

I just can't imagine that she'd take off like that if her great-grandchild still isn't here, can you? Royalty or not, grandmas live for this sort of thing. Since this is her first great-grandchild, I'm sure she'd much rather be in London for the birth than off relaxing and sipping tea at her Balmoral estate.

But I guess we really can't blame her for being a bit anxious. Heck, we're not even part of the royal family and we're all going crazy over when this kid is going to be born, so we can only imagine how excited she must be.

(Come onnnnn, Kate -- let's get this show on the road!)

Do you think the baby will come before the 19th?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar Me

Great-grandchild. William is her grandson.

nonmember avatar Tammy

..correction...Great Grandmother


Sooo not her first grandchild!This won't even be her first great-grand.She was funny when she was speaking to the little girl.You can tell she was happy about the the upcoming event though.It was the decline of the "stiff upper lip".She actually has a real smile in that pic. her eyes are smiling not the usual curled up(grimace)lips.

Katsu... Katsura514

Just because the due date has come and gone does not mean Kate is lying. Due dates are calculated GUESSES. My first son was born ten days after his due date. It will be all over the news when the baby is born, so we don't need daily fluff pieces reminding us it hasn't happened yet. I wish the mobile formatting would let me see who the author is before selecting an article, because I have yet to read one by this author that was actually a well-written piece of journalism instead of a snarky, judgemental rant.

Tina Stirpe

Geez leave the poor woman alone. The baby will come when it's ready. As long as it's healthy is what matters. Too funny about the queen though.

Charlie McGeachan

this isn't her first great grandchild peter Phillips has had kids before,shes probably just wanting a break from London,i don't know if she'll hang around to visit the child,theres haggis,dear to be shot at balmoral.lol

nonmember avatar Amanda

English humor is a bit dry. I imagine that she was joking. :)

Betty Miller-Brown

I think she is trying too hard to be funny. She has taken vacation the exact same time (and date) for how years now...? She can't get off schedule. I don't think anyone knows what's involved in moving (and temporarily relocating) the Queen and Fam. for vacation. Logistics people. Think about it. She doesn't know how to answer some of the questions people ask her.

nonmember avatar cece

The Queen is known for her sense of humor, plus she's right-the baby being late won't stop the moving of the royal household to Balmoral. Great grandmother-this will be her third. She'll see the baby in the hospital and then it's off to the Middleton's where I don't see Her Majesty visiting.

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