8 Great Ways to Tell the World: 'I'm Pregnant!'

8 Great Ways to Tell the World: 'I'm Pregnant!'

ultrasoundFor my first two pregnancies, I was WAY too over-the-top excited to try to come up with a "cute" way to tell people. I told my husband through screams from the bathroom the first time and the second time over the phone at his office -- "Honey are you ready for number two?" I asked over the gurgles of our then 9-month-old. I called my parents before the pee stick was dry.

Still, I have always wanted to be one of those people who told everyone I was preggo in a unique and creative way. I asked around and found that I know a lot of really creative people who announced in a lot of really unique ways.

Here are 8 of the best pregnancy announcements. Hopefully it will spur some equally creative ways for you to let people know you are knocked up! See below:

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How did you announce your pregnancy?

  • Say It in a Tiny Frame


    Image via Debbie

    Debbie and her husband hosted a big dinner for friends and family, printed up a dozen of these little photos, put them in tiny frames, and distributed them at each place setting. Can you imagine the surprise and excitement when they discovered the meaning? How cute is that?!

  • Say It With Math


    Image via Michele

    When does two plus one equal four? When you are expecting a second baby! A friend of mine sent me this announcement that her brother and his wife did with their second. I kind of love it, right? Adorable. And congrats!

  • Say It With Sports


    Image via Gina

    If you are a sports fan, what better way to announce your pregnancy than to use your team? It could be my friend Gina's idea here. It could also be tiny little mascots you place at the dinner table to mail to your family and wait for them to get. Hint, hint!

  • Say It With a Road Sign


    Image via Lisa

    Lisa and Dan announced their second pregnancy with a road sign. Kind of perfect, right?! You could do this with any road sign about children or bumps or ... OK, that might be it. But it's cute and it shouldn't be too hard to find yourself a good bump sign.

  • Say It With a Big Sibling


    Image via Anna

    This is an adorable way to do it, either by using a bigger brother (like Anna and Curtis did here) or by using a dog. I had a friend dress her dog up in a shirt that said "big sister" and then waited for everyone to notice. It was adorable!

  • Say It at Another Big Event


    Image via Lisa

    Lisa and Dan announced their first pregnancy in the midst of another big event (her getting her MBA). It's the perfect combo of excitement, family togetherness, and happy occasions you will remember forever.

  • Say It With an Ultrasound


    Tell your parents you have a photo you want to show them and pass it around. See how quickly they tear up. It's simple, but it's adorable.

  • Say It With Counting


    This is my way of announcing my third pregnancy. I was thrilled to finally come up with a more creative way than blurting it out while I was still in the bathroom!

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