Laboring Mom Arrives at Hospital Where She's Told They 'Don't Deliver Babies' (VIDEO)

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Destiny Free

The realization that her water had just broken was a big enough shock for one mom in Texas, considering Destiny Free had no idea she was pregnant. You see, she had her tubes tied back in October, so she didn't think getting preggo was a possibility. (Guess the procedure didn't take.)

Yep. There she was, going about her day as usual, when she suddenly felt her water break and immediately got in the car and drove herself to the local hospital. But Destiny got another huge surprise when she arrived. The hospital tried to turn her away because "they don't deliver babies."


It's a hospital, for crying out loud. What kind of hospital tells a woman in labor they can't help her?!?

They must have realized pretty quickly, however, that there was no way Destiny was going to be able to make it to another facility, so they decided to go ahead and deliver her son. (How big of them.) Baby Christian was born weighing in at 7 pounds -- a mere 38 minutes after her water had initially broken.

Are you comprehending how nuts this situation was? In the span of 38 minutes, this woman went into labor, learned she was pregnant, drove herself to the hospital, was basically told, "we don't do babies," and then became a mom.

Not bad for a day's work, I guess.

Take a look at this video clip to hear more of Destiny's story.


OMG. Her whole ordeal is crazy enough, but I just can't seem to get over the fact that the hospital even considered turning her away when she was clearly in labor. I know they probably have policies and all -- but can you even imagine how frantic Destiny must have been? It's not like she drove to a walk-in clinic or something -- this was a hospital!

Luckily everything turned out ok in the end -- but she might want to think about having her tubal ligation redone or at least put another medical facility on her radar should she wind up pregnant with baby number five.

Have you ever heard of a hospital turning away a laboring mom?


Image via KHOU

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cassi... cassie_kellison

My little brother and I were both born in the Emergency room because the local hospital was really just a clinic and you had to drive an hour to get to the real hospital with an OB/GYN, and my mom had very short labors. So I was surprsed they didnt just send her to the ER

Emmie25 Emmie25

My hometown clinic doesn't deliver babies and hasn't for the last 13 years. You have to drive an hour away to get to the nearest hospital that delivers babies. The town we live in now is surrounded by hospitals that don't deliver babies and the nearest is an hour and a half away. Its common in less populated states.

Jean George

My hometown doesn't delievery babys, if you arrive in labor they will transport you to a hospital that does delievery babys

ilove... ilovemykids732

I haven't heard of that BUT... I am sure it happens... if you go to a gas station looking for a mattress they will send you to a bedding store... same logic IMO... They should have transported her in an ambulance or something BUT... she should have looked into where around her delivers babies...! [[all in MY opinion]]

melis... melissabilliot

Lovemykids apparently u didn't read the article she didn't know she was pregnant and 38 minutes later her baby was delivered ...yep that's time to research


@ilovemykids:There wasn't time for that,she didn't know she was pregnant until her water broke.

nonmember avatar alicia

That happen to me but it was at an er....legally they can't turn you away

pregn... pregnantmama105

there is 3 hospitals where I live only one of them can delivery babies... and it changes every decade or so...but there is always only one hospital that can delivery babies... that is why getting prenatal care is so important... yes I understand she didnt know she was pregnant, but just because it is a hospital does it mean it has the people or means to deliver a baby. 

Jilectan Jilectan

I've heard of some hospitals getting rid of their ob departments due to lack of funding or staffing. That may have been the case there. If they didn't have an OB, and didn't realize how far along she was, they would have had to tell her they don't deliver babies.

nonmember avatar Vniehus

Must be in a small town in coalgate ok there's a hospital there that don't deliver babies either

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