Was Kate Middleton Lying About Her Due Date?

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zodiacUm, can you believe the entire weekend went by and we still don't have a royal baby yet? As last week came to a close, I was willing to bet that Kate Middleton would go into labor sometime on Saturday or Sunday so we could kick Monday off with a major celebration.

But as far as we know, she's still preggo, and it actually looks like she may not deliver for at least another week or so. (I know. WTF?)

Supposedly Kate's mom, Carole Middleton, hinted that the royal baby will be a Leo, which means he or she isn't actually due to arrive until at least July 23, when Cancer ends and Leo begins.

Do the math, people. Yep, we may still be going nuts with anticipation over this kid finally showing up an entire seven days from now.

Uhhh -- if her due date really isn't until July 23, she really fooled us. (Nice one, your highness.)

OMG. If Kate's due date hasn't passed yet, no wonder she had no qualms about leaving Kensington Palace and heading to her parents' house in Bucklebury to escape the heat wave that's hitting London right now. If she were really about to go into labor at any second, you'd think she'd want to stick as close to St. Mary's Hospital as possible, right?

But forget about the logistics for a second -- let's go back to the possibility of us having to wait yet another week or more before Kate gives birth. How are we supposed to sleep between now and then? I won't lie, I'm on pins and needles here -- almost to the point where I think I'm just as anxious about the royal baby showing up as I was about going into labor with my own kid.

It's almost like the entire world is expecting a baby right alongside Kate, and we just can't wait to share in her joy and welcome her into the mom club and all that good stuff.

And I think I speak for everyone when I say I wish this kid would hurry up and get a move on already. If next week rolls around and he or she still hasn't made an entrance, I'm not sure we'll be able to stand it.

Are you surprised that Kate hasn't given birth yet?


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Alexa... AlexaAdams

When Cancer ends, not Gemini. Cancer precedes Leo.

youth... youthfulsoul

A due date isn't the end all. As a mom I'm sure you know full term is 38-42 weeks. 

amber... amberdotsmom

Kate's not lying at all because she never announced a due date, that was all pretty much hearsay.  But even if it were 7/13 or 7/11 (I've heard both) it's an approximate date not a set appointment - the kid'll come out when it's good and ready.  But I hope, for her sake, he/she doesn't stay in there so long she needs to be induced.

Keri Lynn Kelley

Really people leave her alone most women can carry their children healthly until 2 weeks, its a due date an estimation it is completely up to the Baby whenshe comes as long as it isn't past 2 weeks I kind of feel sorry for her means baby will be larger and if she needs induced the contrattions will be more difficult

Melissa Delzeit

As long as the Baby is healthy who cares when it comes.  The Palace said mid July, well that can mean any time between the 10th to the 25th or later.. I know from experience that they can come anytime they want, had one due July 4th came June 13th, then one due June 27th came the 18th and then one due March 27th came the 31st  only my last one came the day I said would be her...dr said March 1st to the 5th I said the 1st of March..came 1st of March.  Love it when things go the way others think don't you???? Just wait and be happy when the baby comes.

Estee Wilcox

Maybe the baby is   to cozy! and  and they  refuse to come out. Poor ,poor Kate  will have to carry the baby until their 18 years old ..The Baby will come when The baby comes ... :D:

Penny Castillo

Lots of peope lie until after the first trimester.  They don't owe us the truth.  We know she's pregnant now, that's all we need to know.


Pauline Mahan

I agree 100%!! A dute date is a complete estimate of when the baby will be born. My daughter just had a baby on April 23rd (her 1st) and her due date was May 14th. When she went to the doctor the day her son was born the doctor had told her she was already dilated 7cm. and was in active labor and needed to go to the hospital. As long as William and Kate have a healthy child is all that should matter. 

Rita J Fancey

bless her!!! all eyes on her!!! poor woman!!! baby going to be a star any day now!!! poor thing!!xx

Barbara Harris

Some people are really ridiculous, if anyone has been pregnant before, then they should know that due dates are unpredictable at best. Give her time.

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