11 Moms Share the Funny Moments When Their Water Broke

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baby bumpAfter hearing about the pregnant radio show host whose water broke on the air out in Denver, I have to admit feeling like I kind of got gypped when I had my son seven years ago. I wound up being induced 10 days early because he was getting too big, so the doctors broke my water with one of those funky little sticks instead of it happening naturally. (Oh yes, it was just as pleasant as it sounds.)

It would've been so cool to reminisce about where I was and what I was doing when the water started flowing. Since I don't have a good story to tell, I thought it would be fun to check with other moms to see what kind of laughable moments they had. (So I can live vicariously through them.)

Get ready to chuckle after hearing these 11 water breaking stories moms will never forget!

  1. "I was at a bar at a 30th birthday party. I was so embarrassed as I didn't have a single contraction leading up to this point and just prayed that I didn't wet my pants, lol! Thank goodness it was fall and I could wrap a jacket around my waist as we exited." -- Jenny
  2. "They broke it for me the first time around, second time it happened in the car on the way to the hospital. I just said to my husband, 'Sorry, I'm getting the car all wet.' Ha. I felt bad but it was just trickling. Not a gush." -- Wendy
  3. "I had just gotten up at 3 a.m. to go to the bathroom, waddled back to bed, and then thought, 'Hmmm ... I just peed ... and now I'm peeing again?!' But yeah, it was my water breaking. In the bed." -- Sarah, In the Trenches of Mommyhood
  4. "I was going up the stairs with a basket of laundry." -- Tressa
  5. "We were regulars at the Memphis Tiger basketball games and sat right next to the student section. We had made friends with some of these students and they all had come to know me as the pregnant girl. As soon as the team announcements began, I stood up and my water broke. I didn't want to alarm anyone, so I slowly started gathering my things and my water continued to run down my leg (it was a high break -- so continuously leaking). As soon as the lights came back on, my family and I started leaving in single file and the student section stood up and clapped for us (knowing full well by this time what going on due to the massive amounts of water down my jeans). I waved to them all and went on to the hospital." -- Morgan
  6. "I remember exactly where I was. I had just dropped J at daycare, was walking to my car and was like 'eh, that's a bit wet,' drove home, finished packing my bags, all the while leaking fluid all over the house with the dog following me around. I drove to the doctor and walked in with a towel between my legs. The poor women in the waiting room were gasping. The doctor comes in and goes, 'Why are you here, go to the hospital!?!' I told them I had called the office and they told me to come in. My husband met me at the doctor's office and then we went to the hospital, got checked in, and four hours later, my son was born." -- Anonymous
  7. "I was at a Michaels craft store in line. I finished my purchase and then drove myself to the hospital. Was admitted and had her the next day. I'll never forget the dude in line before me -- his face was priceless, and he let me cut in line." -- Kristen, Mommy in Sports
  8. "I was in line at Home Depot for one, and on a dance floor with my husband's co-workers with number four, and at his Christmas party for another one!" -- Buffy
  9. "With my middle child I was in church and my pastor was delivering the sermon. I was so embarrassed. Imagine walking out of a quiet church with your shoes squeaking from the water collecting in them!!" -- Jocelyn
  10. "My water broke at home in the bathroom. Since the child birth teacher suggested smelling to make sure it's not urine, I went in to my husband who was sleeping, put my underwear in his face, and said, 'Smell this.' And he said, 'Get out of my face.' I stood in awe for a moment until he sat up and said panicked, 'Is it time?!'" -- Kristen
  11. I was so nervous it would break in public, but it broke when I was in labor. I had an epidural already, so I said, 'I either wet the bed, or my water broke ...' Turns out I did not wet the bed." -- Maggie

Do you have a funny water breaking story you'd care to share?


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Meesh... Meesh5418

My story isn't funny per se, but it randomly broke when I was sitting on the couch! And then I booked it to the toilet where the rest of it came out.

nonmember avatar Holly

Mine broke, at work, while I was standing talking to a co-worker in his office. He didn't know that until after I left. While I was out, a couple of the girls were teasing him about it and put a "wet floor" sign in his doorway

antfa... antfarmer101

I had to take our two (big) dogs to the vet three weeks before my due date, to get their rabies shots. We were going to take them into the groomer's so they would be all cleaned up before we brought the baby home. I had gotten their shots and was waiting to pay at the front desk, and had to excuse myself because I felt *something*. I knew I hadn't peed on myself, but I ran to the bathroom to check it out. Wrestled my dogs in there with me, and sure enough, my water had broken. I came out and asked the receptionist if they could just bill me, because I had to go, right now. They were all uhhh, sure? I said, I think my water just broke, and everyone but me commenced to freaking out. They were wanting to call an ambulance and everything! I just loaded the dogs back in the truck and drove home (30 minutes the OTHER way from the hospital), unloaded the dogs and loaded my husband, who was also freaking out, and we drove BACK to town, to the hospital. Good times lol

kelti... kelticmom

Mine broke during the final of the Women's beach volleyball in the 2008 Olympics. I jumped out of my chair to cheer, and felt a trickle down my leg. It broke high, so it was just a steady trickle. At the hospital, the somewhat smooth nurse didn't believe it had broken bc there wasn't a lot of fluid, and as she is checking, it ruptured again down low and gushed all over her arm.

kelti... kelticmom

*snooty nurse, not smooth. Darn autocorrect. Lol.

linzemae linzemae

I woke up at 2:30am, drenced in sweat and I had to pee. I just went to bed around 1am. I then woke up at 3:30 and thought "my pants feel really wet" I checked my pants and ran to the toilet! I sat there for 10 minutes or so fighting nerves... I stopped shaking, grabbed a towel and woke up the hubs. He just asked if I was serious and stared at me weird. Later he said he thought I just peed myself till he looked in the toilet

phant... phantomphan

the first time i was at the grocery store. i sneezed. thought "hmmm..that's a lot of pee for a sneeze and it's not stopping...ohhhhhh"

with my third, we were watching ohio state play for the championship in 2003. they scored the winning td, i jumped up and my water exploded. all over my brand new bedspread.

nonmember avatar libby

I got up to pee around 10pm. I was on the toilet 2 seconds when I felt and literally heard a loud pop! So glad it was the toilet and not the bed!

JessL... JessLogansMommy

The first time my water broke while I was baking cupcakes.  It popped right as the timer went off while i was getting up off the couch.  The second time it broke at 2am,I woke from a dead sleep and felt odd.  i jumped out of bed just in time to save my mattress.  I started laughing and announced "Honey, its time"  

Lacey Tierney

I was scheduled to be induced and a few days beforehand, I went to my DR for the last check up. He checked my cervix, like normal and it was only slightly dilated. maybe 2cm. Doc leaves the room, my boyfriends helps me up to get dressed. As soon as I stand up GUSH! Water broke all over the floor.

I tell my borfriend to go get the doc back in the room. BF sticks his head out the doors, calls out ot the DR "I think he water just broke." I hear the DR call back "That's impossible, I just checked her." So he peaks around the door and goes "Oh. Yep. She broke. See you at the hospital in a  few hours!"

So I get dressed, being extremely grossed out and make it down to the car, where my BF lays down newspaper in the passenger seat...>.>

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