Are Pregnancy Food Cravings Really a Good Reason to Send Your Husband All Over Town?

Both times I was pregnant, certain foods became instantly repellant to me, while others took on a nearly mystical appeal. I remember drinking glass after glass of milk, when normally the only time I endure milk is when it's in cereal. I was drawn to liverwurst (I KNOW), grapefruit juice, and graham crackers. I definitely had specific food cravings, but they weren't what I would call exotic or hard to find items.

I remember my husband going to the store for me on occasion, usually in the evening when I felt very strongly that a pint of ice cream was needed for the baby's sake. But unlike this dad writing for CNN, I doubt my husband would have ever referred to himself as "part of a legion called the HPWs: the Husbands of Pregnant Wives." Nor would my husband have called around to every store and restaurant in town on a mission for my temporary -- but not to be denied! -- food request.

Now that I've read his article, I'm wondering how typical this dad's experience really is.


Author Josh Levs writes that during his wife's pregnancy, he would call ice cream shops and relay instructions from his wife:

"Do you have anything with peppermint? And cherries? Peppermint and cherries? But no other flavors. Just peppermint and cherry -- definitely nothing else."

He'd do the same with the specialty food store in their neighborhood:

"Hi -- real quick -- do you have anything with apples in it? Something sweet with apples? Something sweet that's warm with apples or that you can warm up? It has to be warm. And sweet. And apples."

Other food cravings would send him driving around town looking for mozzarella sticks that were cooked a specific way, to the supermarket to have a sub sandwich assembled even though they had the same ingredients at home, and double-parking outside restaurants to pick up a particular order of fish tacos.

Levs says he jumps at the chance to help his wife because her cravings can change within minutes:

It's always a hurry when my wife thinks of something she'll actually eat these days, since even the thought of most food makes her sick, and her whims can change on a dime. If we wait too long, she becomes disgusted by the very thing she craved.

And finally, that he's happy to do all this because,

I want my wife to have all the strength she can for the incredible work she and her body are undertaking for this child and for our family.

I've got to hand it to this guy, he seems like a real sweetheart. He also seems like a major anomaly, in that I don't think most husbands would be all that happy to race around town making phone calls and chasing down elusive menu items, regardless of all the incredible work our bodies are doing.

But it's true that my cravings were easily fulfilled. Maybe if I'd had very strong and ever-changing food needs, I could have forced my husband to join the HPW league as I demanded that he seek out peppermint-cherry-tacos or whatever -- but I'm glad it didn't come to that. Because honestly, it doesn't sound very fun for either person.

Did your husband run around taking care of your pregnancy cravings like the author of this article?

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