15 Gross Pregnancy Symptoms That Stick Around Long After the Baby Is Born

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pregnant feetPregnancy more than takes its toll on our bodies, but most of us are totally ready and willing to deal with some of the more unpleasant side effects in exchange for the precious bundle of joy we receive at the end of the deal.

But while we expect to gain weight, get stretch marks, develop cankles, and all sorts of other quirky things that make us almost unrecognizable, we assume it's only for nine months and we'll go back to being our beautiful pre-baby selves shortly after the birth.

Unfortunately, that's not always the way it works.

Sometimes pesky pregnancy symptoms, like the 15 listed below, stick with us after the baby comes too, leaving us to wonder if we'll ever be the same again.

  1. "My hair turned into the nastiest, frizziest mess ever after I had my son. I used to be able to blow dry using only my fingers and it would wind up nice and straight. But now, seven years later, if I don't use a round brush and/or a flatiron, it looks all wavy and unkempt. It sucks." -- Mary, The Stir
  2. "Ugh. I got melasma, the 'mask of pregnancy,' above my upper lip while I was pregnant with my first. She just turned 7, and it's still there -- even worse in the summer. Looks like I have a mustache. Nice." -- Erin
  3. "My hair got curlier on one side only and I got internal and external hemorrhoids." -- Meg
  4. "I'm eight months postpartum with my second and my hair lost most of its curl. So weird. I even blogged about it." -- Denise, Adventures of a Jayhawk Mommy
  5. "My feet grew. I went from a 10 to an 11, which is not so easy to find." -- @hootyhootmom
  6. "My feet are a size bigger AND like four sizes wider! Three years later! Ugh!" -- Rachel
  7. "My hips haven't gone quite back to the way they were before, and my feet are also a half size bigger than before pregnancy. Also, food aversions! I can't eat certain foods anymore since my pregnancy. Did I mention that my teeth and hair have also suffered?! The list goes on ... " -- Maria, A Mother World
  8. "My daughter STOLE my ringlets! I had really nice, curly hair, but now it's just wavy fuzz. She's half Chinese, so my ringlets are so cute on her. I, on the other hand, have cut off all my long hair and now keep it short." -- Nicole
  9. "I started having problems with my teeth, but my heart grew with every baby." -- Shannon
  10. "I can no longer tolerate spinning in circles without getting insanely dizzy. Or even twirl my kids in circles more than one or two times around. Can't do even basic carnival rides (Ferris wheel still ok). LOL! I've always had motion issues, but much worse post-babies." -- Heather
  11. "I got heartburn for the first time during pregnancy and it never has gone away." -- Brooke
  12. "I have tendinitis. It started in my eighth month of pregnancy and has continued to get worse. It is common among new moms and has been named 'mother's wrist'. It is so painful!!" -- Meegan
  13. "I had sharp pain in my pelvic bone radiating up from my knee to the point that I can barely take a step without intense pain. I thought it was just the weight of the baby because after the first baby, this pain disappeared. But it returned with my second pregnancy and a year post-baby, the same pain reoccurs suddenly and randomly then disappears again." -- Julie, A Year With Mom and Dad
  14. "I developed acne!" -- Lisa
  15. "High blood pressure. It was brought on by my pregnancy and persisted when I was no longer pregnant." -- @momstalknetwork

Do you have a pregnancy side effect you're praying and hoping disappears after you have your baby?


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dearg76 dearg76

Can't eat eggs by themselves anymore. Also I have the siatic nerve pain it started in my 8th month and I still get it from time to time.

B1Bomber B1Bomber

My rib cage expanded. Ten lbs lighter than I was pre-baby, but my dresswas two inches from closing.

Choco... Chocodoxies

I am 6 months PP and so far I shuffle everwhere after sitting because I have such bad plantar fasciatis. My hair is STILL falling out, my knees and hips hurt and I am still retaining water severely.  I am hoping that after I wean my daughter some of this will resolve itself. 

nonmember avatar Sarah

I lost the weight in three weeks. My stomach is totally flat. No big deal if you don't gain too much.

Melis... Melissa1508

Way to go, Troll Sarah, aren't you special...got your gold star waiting for you.

My feet grew a half size, my hair texture changed, and like B1Bomber, my rib cage also expanded.  I am also smaller now than before pregnancy, but my shirts and dresses don't fit quite right. 


Desiree Byrd

For me, Tendinitis has stuck around. Aaaand pubic bone pain. Yeah. When I try to put on my pants while standing up... I get this horrible sharp pain that starts in my pubic bone and radiates deep into my cervix. 

Roses... Rosesandlilys

My son took my Metabolism right with him on his way out. He also sat on my scaitic nerve for 3/4 of my pregnancy and damaged it. I cant stand in one place for more than 5 minutes without my right leg going to sleep ><

Suzette Pingle

I got pregnancy asthma and it never went away with my 3rd child

busym... busymommy2013

Embarrassing, but I leak still and have to change my panties all the time! This never happened with my first, but with my second, who is 3 months old now, I developed this issue while later in my pregnancy and its still hoping on. Also my left wrist always gets stuck. Weird.

Mandy Sanford

cant lie on my back. it takes me 15 min to roll over my bro. said i look like a turtle stuck on my back 

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