Top 25 Boy Names of 2013 (So Far)

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top boy namesWhen it comes to boys' names, one of the most popular trends has been to give traditional boy names to girls (think Jessica Simpson's Maxwell and Charlie Sheen's Sam). But a lot of popular boys' names sound like they'd do just as well on a girl. Nameberry has released the most popular boys' names that people are looking at, considering, pondering, and hoping like hell won't explode to become every single boy's name after you pick it! The most checked out boy's name of 2013 so far is one that has made a comeback after falling in popularity last year.

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And that name is ...


Asher was the most looked at name in 2011, but then lost out to Finn in 2012. But he's back with a vengeance. Asher means "fortunate, blessed, happy one." Its popularity is pretty obvious; it's one of those Old Testament names that completely disappeared from the Social Security baby name list -- in this case for 100 years -- so people must have thought it was safe to begin naming their kids Asher again. In the 1990s it staged a comeback.

Finn is number two. In terms of celebrity baby names, Julia Roberts chose this for her little one. Declan is number three. And Django number four -- no doubt thanks to the movie Django Unchained. Wonder how many people will actually name their kid that?! Certainly it would be unique.

New to the list and moving up quickly are Flynn, August, and Gray. Orlando Bloom and model Miranda Kerr named their baby boy Flynn. Gray is probably popular due to Fifty Shades. August? Hey, it's summer!

Here's the top 25 out of 100:

1.  Asher

2.  Finn

3.  Declan

4.  Django

5.  James

6.  Oliver

7.  Henry

8.  Atticus

9.  Owen

10. Milo

11. Emmett

12. Jasper

13. Jude

14. Ezra

15. Liam

16. Flynn

17. Felix

18. Levi

19. Miles

20. Sebastian

21. Leo

22. Silas

23. Luca

24. Noah

25. Aiden

Do you like any of these names? Here are the top 25 girl names.


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linzemae linzemae

6 of these were on my list when we were thinking of baby names!

jaxmadre jaxmadre

Whaaaaa. There's only 3 names on there that I like.

nonmember avatar Sam

My son's name. Noah Asher:)

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

My son's name isnt on there....Thank god! lol

Elizabeth Stuevens-Mitchell

Finnegan is my three year old s name, but we call him Finn. My second, Dietrich, is obviously not on there. It's my great grandfathers name and is not known in the USA. 

nonmember avatar rachel

When I named my boys Milo am Jude I got a lot of people telling me they had never heard those names.

Jane So

My baby will be born any day now and if Its a boy we are naming him Milo. I did not expect that name to be on the popular list.

Mom2J... Mom2Just1

We named our second child Milo. Love that name!

Stacy Giroux Hall

I've never heard such bad names in my whole life.

Amarise M Oliphant

10. Milo

13. Jude

14. Ezra

18. Levi

25. Aiden

All of my favorite names...I like DJango, but doubt I would name kids Django! Although I have a huge crush on the character! lol


And Stacy, you've never hear the name James? Oliver(theres a book by this name!)? Felix? Owen? Theres a movie out Called Django! sigh

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