Top 25 Girl Names of 2013 (So Far)

top girl namesA good indication of how popular a baby name is going to be is how much people are considering it, researching it, thinking about it. Nameberry has released the girl baby names most looked at for the first half of 2013, and it's not the names I was expecting! Where is North?!! Maybe that'll come later. Anyway, there was a huge upset in the most popular girls' list, with one name coming out of the blue to tackle the ever-popular Charlotte. In fact, she did more than tackle. She beat her to a pulp! And I can't figure out why, because this is a girl's name that has not been in the news, nor is she a popular culture heroine. Who is she .... ?

The most popular girl name that people were checking out is ...


Interestink, eh? The most newsworthy Imogen I could find was tennis player Imogen Thomas (who just had a baby she named Ariana). Imogen has long been a popular name in Britain, where it's pronounced Imo-gene. The only Imogen I can think of is Imogene Coca, the rubbery-faced comedienne from the 1950s and '60s. This is definitely an old timey name, but it hasn't had a revival yet like a lot of other old-fashioned names such as Pearl or Olive. But it is probably primed for one, given so many people are looking up the name.

Number two is self-explanatory, as Charlotte has always been popular. Number three, Harper, is most likely having a resurgence thanks to David and Victoria Beckham's daughter. Number ten, Katniss, is obviously a nod to The Hunger Games. But there is no doubt that tried-and-true names from the turn of the century are making a serious comeback!

Here are the top 25 names (the full list goes to 100 and I'm quite pleased to see Anais -- like my fave author Anais Nin -- bringing up the rear of the list).

1. Imogen

2. Charlotte

3. Harper

4. Eleanor

5. Violet

6. Amelia

7. Seraphina

8. Isla

9. Penelope

10. Katniss

11. Evelyn

12. Ava

13. Maeve

14. Cora

15. Olivia

16. Merida

17. Alice

18. Adelaide

19. Sophia

20. Elizabeth

21. Eliza

22. Aurora

23. Hazel

24. Emma

25. Clementine

Do you like any of these names? Here are the top 25 boy names.

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Monoc... Monochromewillo

My daughter's middle name is Maeve. I love it.

linzemae linzemae

I really wanted my daughter to be named amelia or hazel. Husband didnt.

nonmember avatar kaerae

I love that people are going back to classic names. Good riddance to Destinee, Nevaeh, Jayden, and Kyleigh!

jaxmadre jaxmadre

I like a lot of those names epecially Amelia and Alice. I didn't know they were so popular!

katyd... katydid620

I have always LOVED old lady names and always got made fun of for it. Looks like old lady names are coming back!! My absolute favorite is PEARL!

Katriena Young

I like the old names too. Although the name I like will never appear on one of these lists.

nerdy... nerdygirl55

We named our daughter Eleanor in 2011.  I hate that it has become so popular.  That is not at all what we were going for when we named her. I never wanted my kids to have fad names.

Boo MJ Grant

My cousin's name is Esabella. I love it!

Linda Zierle

I love Emma. I am partial though as that is my dd's name. She is 17. I like the old names also.

Kristen Grundner DeBaere

My 2009 baby is Molly. I never hear it anymore and I love it that way! Love the older names though. My son's name is Ashton. Not that you hear that all that much either, but it is also an older name!

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