Woman Gives Birth to 4 Babies at Once, but They're NOT Quadruplets (VIDEO)

four babiesHere's a crazy story out of Nebraska about a family who recently welcomed four baby boys into their family. While stories of multiples aren't all that unusual these days, this one is as the four boys were not quadruplets. Instead, mom Sabrina Negus delivered triplets ... plus one.

Huh? According to Fox 19, in typical quadruplet pregnancies, there are four eggs. In the case of the Negus boys, however, there were only two eggs -- one for their triplets (Porter, Logan, and Mason) and one for their plus one (Connor). 

It's unusual for sure. According to Fox 19, it's one of only 100 cases to happen in the United States. It wasn't without risk either.


According to Dr. Todd Lovegren, who oversaw the case, because the three boys were using one placenta, there were many potential complications. Sabrina was put on bed rest around 20 weeks into her pregnancy, and in January, when she was around 31 1/2 weeks, they saw that one of the babies wasn't growing because it wasn't getting adequate nutrition. That meant it was time for them all to be delivered. It took a medical staff of 33 people and two operating rooms, but just nine weeks later, all the babies were home and all are doing well today.

For anyone who doesn't know the back story, the boys will likely just be seen as quadruplets. I wonder, however, how it will affect Connor, the plus one. Will he feel excluded? Will it make him feel special? Or will it just be one of those funny little details in his life story that doesn't seem to matter much? Time will tell I suppose.

In any case, it's an amazing story. When it comes to the work of raising the four boys, however, there's really no difference between raising them and raising quadruplets. Four boys to feed, four boys to diaper, four boys to entertain, and four boys to get to sleep. Of course, there's also four times more adorableness and joy. As Sabrina told the station:

We're incredibly real blessed. I mean, there's not a thing wrong with these guys. They are absolutely healthy and you could not ask for anything more than that.

Do you think it will be difficult for the child who's not a triplet?


Image via FOX 19

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