Kate Middleton's Playlist for Baby's Birth Includes Songs We Never Expected

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Kate MiddletonAww -- she must be getting excited, you guys! Kate Middleton is supposedly making a playlist for her baby's birth containing a bunch of her favorite tunes to help soothe and calm her during her labor and delivery.

Yep, you guessed it. Kate has an iPod (like a regular person!) and she's making sure to pick out songs she loves -- some of which may surprise you. For whatever reason, it's tough to picture the Duchess of Cambridge jamming to the same music all of us non-royal folk listen to on a daily basis. But believe it or not, she has some pretty great taste, and now it's obvious that she's even cooler than we thought.

Ok, I'll cut to the chase. Kate is apparently a fan of Bruno Mars, Calvin Harris, and Of Monsters and Men. Whoa. I always pegged her for a classical gal, but given how modern and mainstream she and Prince William are, I probably should've guessed she'd be into the popular stuff.

And since Kate is planning on having a natural birth, it makes sense that she's trying to do whatever she can to make her labor and delivery less stressful. I guess maybe it could help to listen to music you love during the process -- but something tells me once she's having full-blown contractions, she's not going to give a crap about what's coming from her iPod. 

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Personally, I didn't use a playlist when I delivered my son, and I'm almost positive it wouldn't have made a difference if I did. If anything, music probably would've distracted and annoyed me even more. If it didn't take the pain away, I had no use for it, but considering how calm of a person Kate is, I guess there's a chance that hearing her favorite tunes could have the opposite effect and make things go a bit smoother.

If nothing else, maybe it will at least help pass the time should she wind up being in labor for hours on end. Or at least it will drown out all the chatter that will likely be filling every single hallway of that hospital until the royal baby finally arrives.

Are you planning on using a playlist during your labor and delivery?


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bills... billsfan1104

Lmao at being annoyed. Same with me, I probably would of been annoyed

nonmember avatar Linda Nelson

To Kate and Prince William Congratulations on the coming of your new little one The whole world is waiting for this child And they're all very excited to with you. I pray to God all goes well for you Kate And I also praying to God that's your mother-in-law the Queen will keep her promise to you About Williams being the next King of England I hope she realizes it that This is what in England Wants And also needs desperately None of us have liked what carmella has done to you Prince William She's a drunk And adultress And much more. Let's just pray to God and Our Lord That like the Queen says She keeps her word and her Promises. God bless you both And can't wait to Hear the announcement and see the baby.

Jennie Abellana Minimo

I will go home to my homeland and celebrate with my fam if

Prince William be the king of England! God Bless!

Mary Nupp

THis is funny! Yes, The last thing I was interested was music and ear buds! I was in to the O2 for a while though. Then, it was the baby monitor predicting when the next contraction was coming. Love it! The Ipod may entertain for a while though.

Katie McDonald

I am making a playlist. Only have 6 songs so far though and I am starting my third trimester today. Although I am totally mentally prepared to also throw that Ipod across the room if it comes down to it!

nonmember avatar Lyle

My labor playlist made a huge difference! Just when I hit transition and started getting really fed up with the nurses, I plugged in and listened to some great music and tuned out. I danced with my husband through the worst of transition, and pushed my son out while singing along with the song that was playing.

I still tear up when I hear that song, "no place that far" by Sarah Evans

nonmember avatar Heather M.

I didn't make a playlist, but we did play an album by our favorite musician. We had seen it performed live in its entirety, so hearing it made me think of the concert & put me back there in my mind. Full disclosure: I did have an epidural - I don't know if it would have been as effective otherwise, but it did really help me.

mlg1989 mlg1989

Why wouldnt she be like a normal person? She wasnt born into royalty.

gamelas gamelas

as a mom who has had three un medicated birth and a career as a music therapist, i applaud her.  i am tired of people putting down her efforts for a natural birth.  my playlist was very important and useful through all my labors, at all times.

dixie... dixiemama25

i am making my playlist as we speak.

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