8 Ways to Survive the Summer Heat When You've Got a Bun in the Oven

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pregnant bikiniPregnant women suffering through the summer heat, I feel for you -- especially those of you in your last trimester. You're lumbering around with your own hot, portable little oven. You've got an extra little body with you who make your retain water, sweat more, and breathe a little less. And then summer heat waves come along and just about knock you off your feet -- maybe literally. So here's a few tips for keeping cool this summer, against the odds.

1. Take cold showers and baths. The showers are a quick way to cool down if you don't have a lot of time. But immersing yourself into a cool tub of water is even better. Of course, if you have time to lounge in a pool that's probably best of all -- unless it's a crowded pool under a hot sun. That's why I like a cold bath. You have it all to yourself, and it's indoors.

2. Drink plenty of cool liquids. It's especially important to keep hydrated now. Stick with water as much as possible, or at least low-sugar drinks if you're craving flavor.

3. Wear light-colored clothes in natural fibers. Are you justified in spending the rest of the summer in loose-fitting mumus? Yes, yes you are. Three words: Treat Yo Self. Maybe just cut a few holes into a sheet and wear that for the next two months. Or maybe just get a few white maxi dresses.

4. Get things done in the morning or evening. Easier said than done, since you may not have much choice in the matter. But any outdoor activities, especially, that you can push to the cooler hours of the day will help make you more comfortable.

5. Carry around a spray bottle filled with water. You could add some herbal essential oils for extra refreshment. But the idea is that you're spraying yourself with a cool mist continuously. Ahhh!

6. Prop up those feet. Whenever you can, prop up your feet to keep them from swelling. And because you're pregnant, dammit.

7. Watch your salt. Try to avoid eating high-salt foods, which can make you retain more water than you're already retaining. Read those labels.

8. Take naps. And finally, my favorite -- you officially have permission to take naps throughout the day, if you can. Keep it short, but these little rests will help your body recover from activity in the heat.

Do you have any other keep-cool tips for summer pregnancies?


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jalaz77 jalaz77

Shade, pools, dresses, put hair up, elevate feet, flip flops, cut back on salt...1st baby is a Sept baby, so pregnant throughout the heat, 3rd baby is a July baby...I never had any issues, if it was 100+ degrees, I stayed in doors cause we also have a lot of humidity here. Love summer babies and pregnancies!!

nonmember avatar robin

love being pregnant in the summer!

Alexa... AlexaAdams

I've always found that if my feet are cool my whole body feels better so I would soak my feet in cold water.

ilove... ilovemykids732

My oldest son was born in July, that wasnt too bad! I had him when it started getting hot, but my middle son was born in September... oh my gosh... HORRIBLE!! lol My bun in the oven is due in the end of November... and I think thats going to be ok too... I hope :)

Coles... Coles_mom

I had my last baby at the end of July last year living in the south. It was so miserable, I was practically hospitalized the last few weeks because I was retaining so much water and my blood pressure was through the roof. All of my kids have been born in the summer....I'm done having them, but I always wished I could have had a winter baby. I don't wear shorts or swim suits though and I HATE swimming pools....haven't been to one in decades. 

danit... danithegreat

Pools not only do you cool off all that weight is gone & you will feel like a new woman

nonmember avatar cafeguest

I live in the south and had a September baby- I seriously did not know how I made it through the summer being pregnant. So. Flippin. Hot. @I see all these pregnant women now that its summer again and I just feel for them. At work I always offer them water or anything I can do to make them more comfortable.

Michelle Forkner Welch

I was pregnant with my first baby in a summer with record heat. I had her at the end of July and the only way I kept cool was I had this big metal industrial fan that went everywhere with me, pools, cool baths and then I slept with Ice packs on my head and chest. Maybe the summer pregnancy is why all my kids since have been born in winter:) Being cool in my last trimester made the world of difference! My 2nd and 3rd kids were December and January babies. My 4th and last pregnancy (current) will also be in the cooler months, February baby:)

Knitt... KnittyTina

Both my babies were summer babies, and I used to sleep with ice packs from the freezer at night.   In fact, I would put them on my legs and arms during the day too. 

Also, put up the inflatable pool in our backyard and would get those giant noodles and use them to support my body while I floated my giant swollen tummy.  I practically lived in that pool last summer.

And, I bought maxi dresses and wore them every day.  I just couldn't squeeze into those maternity shorts with the big bands around the middle - those made me so sweaty.  I was total mother-earth-hippie mama last year with those dresses and my hair pulled back into a tight bun with clip on flowers to hold it in place. 

Saoch Saoch

I hate to be that person but anyone else notice 8 tips when the title says 7? Haha

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