Pregnant ‘Teen Mom’ Kailyn Lowry’s Scary Hospitalization Could’ve Been Easily Avoided


kailyn lowryIt started out as a fun-filled family day at the beach, but it ended with a trip to the emergency room. Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry and husband Javi Marroquin took Kailyn's son Isaac, 3, to frolic in the sun and sand, but after a few hours in the heat, Kailyn, who's pregnant with her second child, did not feel great. In fact, she felt awful -- the 21-year-old reality star tweeted that she was vomiting a ton. Kailyn was admitted to the hospital on June 22. The cause? Dehydration.

All's well that ends well, and Kailyn is fine now. She's even joking about her scary situation. She shared:

The beach yesterday was definitely worth my trip to the ER last night from dehydration afterwards. I’ll just drink water all day next time.

That's the spirit! But Kailyn does need to be careful. Dehydration is a serious problem that could harm her body and her baby's -- pretty sure she learned her lesson about the importance of H2O and won't let it happen again. Water bottles for daaaaays. 

Glad everything turned out to be fine. It's always frightening when you're sick and you're pregnant -- will I be OK? will the baby be OK? will we be OK together? -- and I'm sure the trip to the E.R. was as precautionary as it might have been necessary.

Kailyn's due sometime later this summer and, other than this dehydration scare, sounds like her pregnancy has been great so far.

That said, Kailyn just tweeted on Thursday that she sprained her ankle. Damn! Girl can't catch a break. Get well soon, K.L.!

Did you ever have a dehydration problem during pregnancy?


Photo via KailynLowry/Instagram

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jalaz77 jalaz77

No. I had water with me at all times. Unless you suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum or a bug of some sort, this was irresponsible.

mrs.r... mrs.ramirez

Irresponsible? LOL.

Dyhradtion happens all the time to people who aren't even pregnant. Being pregnant just makes it easier to dyhydrate. Symptoms aren't always noticable either. 

Shut your whole in your face.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Yes I did and it freakin sucked :(

nonmember avatar damien

she tweeted she was vomitting...oh social media and the b-listers that uses it for their career...but glad she is ok

Daisy Gonzalez

No, I don't have shit for brains. I drank water constantly.

midni... midnightstar21

I am 20 weeks pregnant. I ALWAYS drink water and a lot of it. I am not risking anything! I am glad she is doing good now! She just needs to always drink water no matter what!

Tamara Coleman

I was pregnant with my second child I had just walked to the store with the father and he had to stop at his sister's house and so I was waiting. He was taking so long that I was going to leave and when I stepped off the curb I fell I went home told my mom and we went to er just to find out I severely dehydrated stayed there for a few hours and then I was free to go. Trust that never happened again and now she is a busy busy 21 month old.

nonmember avatar Darcy

I remember during my first pregnancy 18 years ago hearing that you should not stay in the sun for long while pregnant or you can burn easy too and I went to the beach that summer and burned and I never burn in the sun!

mcphe... mcpherson_mommy

that was so stupid on her part out in the sun and the heat and pregnant too not drinking water just plan stupid and very very irresponsible all i have to say is what a dumb*ss

Sarah Hoff

Dehydration can happen to anyone. Was she totally responsible? No. Am I going to disparage her for this? No. I ended up in the hospital for dehydration and It was the middle of winter, I had water bottles with me all the time and I thought I was drinking enough. Good thing she went to the ER at the first sign of a problem.

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