Smart Moms Get Makeovers So They'll 'Look Good' While Giving Birth (Think Spray Tans, Blowouts & Bikini Waxes!)

salonI honestly don't think this will come as a huge shock to anyone, but apparently more and more moms are having makeovers before giving birth in an effort to look somewhat presentable in their first post-delivery photo with their new babies. (Can you blame them?)

And when I say makeover, I mean makeover. Highlights, blowouts, bikini waxes, manicures, pedicures, eyebrow shaping, spray tanning -- you name it, they're doing it.

Ok, I know what you're thinking, and it's something along the lines of, "Are they nuts? That's so stupid and vain. They have their priorities all mixed up."


But you know what? I think the opposite is true. These women have it all figured out -- and I only wish I'd been smart enough to treat myself to a little primping and pampering before my son's delivery seven years ago.

I guess I really didn't think as much about how I was going to look after his birth as women today do. At that point in time, I didn't have Facebook, or a smartphone, or any other sort of device that would share my picture with all of my family and friends in a matter of seconds.

But when I finally looked back at the images of myself postpartum on our digital camera? OMG. I looked like I'd been hit by a mack truck. My hair was a total mess and my roots were horrendous. I practically had a unibrow going on. My nails hadn't been trimmed, filed, or painted. And don't even get me started on how pasty I was. (Although I guess I can blame being white as a sheet on having a 24-hour labor.)

And even though all I cared about in that particular moment was the fact that I finally had my precious baby boy in my arms -- it would be nice to go back and look at the photo now and not cringe away in horror. I'd love nothing more than to have it displayed in a cute little frame so I could look at it and smile all the time, but the truth is I really can't stand to see myself in that state -- because I remember just how bad my self esteem was at that point in time.

After giving birth most moms not only look like crap, they feel like crap too. And that's why I really think these makeover mamas are on to something. By doing something to make themselves look and feel more attractive before the birth, they're automatically guaranteeing that they'll feel better overall after they deliver. Since when did wanting to look good become a crime? More power to them for getting all gussied up for the biggest moment in their lives. If only all moms-to-be did the same, there'd probably be a whole lot less self-loathing and crocodile tears going on.

Are you planning on having any beauty treatments done before giving birth?


Image via bzmills/Flickr

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