Couple Lets Starbucks Customers Name Their Baby

Starbucks customersWhen it comes to picking a baby name, there's a lot of pressure. Everyone wants to pick the right one, but sometimes you just get stuck and can't come to a decision. That's just where Jennifer James, 25, and Mark Dixon, 24, were when they turned to Starbucks for help. Yes, Starbucks.

They were torn between two names for their son who is due in September -- Jackson or Logan. Then one day, the couple, who are regulars at their Starbucks in New Haven, Connecticut, found inspiration on how to reach a decision. They wouldn't -- they'd let the other customers decide, in the same way customers vote for employee of the month.

So, according to the New Haven Register, they set up a to-go cup decorated with little hands and feet on the counter with a little sign next to it that read: "Help us choose our son's (first) name, Jackson or Logan."

And the votes started pouring in via little slips of paper. Not everyone stuck to the two choices given, some wrote "neither," while others offered suggestions including Obama, Jebediah, and Lincoln. In all, they received about 1,800 votes before they came to their decision.

And the winner? Logan came out slightly ahead in the voting, but both are winners in the end as he will be named Logan Jackson. The couple says they're saving the voting slips for his baby book and think it's going to be a great story to share with their son someday.

So what do you think -- brilliant or a weirdly impersonal way to decide something as important as a name? I'm pretty much on the side of why not? Sometimes you need input from other people to make a decision, and if you're a Starbucks regular, then why not turn to people you interact with on an everyday basis for input? I see no shame in it. It's certainly better than making a decision in a vacuum and then coming to regret it ... or naming your baby Venti Latte.

Would you ever let strangers name your baby?


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Rosas... RosasMummy

They didn't really let strangers name their baby they gave strangers a choice of two names.

bertaj bertaj

What RosasMummy said

Ashley Chavis Perry

Its a unique idea and a creative one too but I like Jackson Logan better than Logan Jackson but that's my opinion. It's there baby so it's there choice and decision on what they name him.

Robin... Robin_TripleA

Why is she a regular at starbucks pregnant?

Keyna Nuoffer

I was a SB regular while pregnant. They offer more than coffee you know.

Laura McLean

To Robin_TripleA: Ever heard of decaf or drinks without caffeine. I go to Starbuck's as a rare treat and I've never ordered a drink with coffee as I'm not a fan. Also, maybe she went with her husband, who ordered coffee while she had a sweet treat or something. Don't judge, goodness.

As for letting customers name the child, it's a creative idea but I'm glad they gave them two options instead of just leaving it wide open.

Vicki Clark Harmon

@Robin, they serve more than coffee at Starbucks, get over it

nonmember avatar Sue

I think they should have named him Mason, if they are going with the fathers last name he would be Mason Dixon.... :)

Lacey Tierney

OMG, she was possibly drinking coffee while pregnant? No Way! Worst parent of this generation. lets take her baby away and judge the living hell out of her!!

People need to get over themselves.

Michele Davis Wolf

I think it's a great idea! I personally like Jackson better (my good friend/sis-n-law's maiden name was Jackson, so I'm a little biased ;) but I think Logan Jackson flows and sounds better than the other way around. What a great compromise too. I like that they had fun w/ the naming of their baby!! Good luck to them and their new family :)

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