Kate Middleton's Due Date Might Be Much Sooner Than We Thought

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Prince William Kate MiddletonAre you sitting down? If not, you might want to grab a seat before reading any farther.

We probably shouldn't go getting our hopes up quite yet, but there's a possibility that Kate Middleton's due date is earlier than July 13 -- by 10 days. Yep. There's a rumor going around that Buckingham Palace may have released a false due date, just like Princess Diana did when Prince William was born back in 1982.

Do you understand what I'm saying? Kate Middleton could give birth to the royal baby as early as NEXT WEEK! OMG. Guess we'd better go ahead and chill the champagne now so we're ready to pop it on July 3 just in case. (Holy best 4th of July celebration ever! Even though she's British ...)

And if Kate really is due earlier than we think, it makes total sense that the Palace would choose to report a later date to throw everyone off, thus allowing Kate a lot more privacy when she goes into labor. Can you imagine just how much she's going to be followed and hounded on and around the 13th of July? The paparazzi will probably be camped out everywhere -- from her home to the gates of Buckingham Palace to St. Mary's Hospital where she's set to deliver. She won't have an ounce of breathing room, but if the baby just happens to "show up early," odds are much more in her favor for having a peaceful and private birth experience.

It also wouldn't be a huge surprise if Prince William played a part in choosing to put out a later due date to the public (if it's true, of course), given how protective he is of Kate because of what happened to Princess Diana. The safety of her and the baby is most definitely his top priority, so it would be very understandable for him to want to keep Kate's actual due date a secret.

I guess we won't know when Kate is going to give birth -- until she actually delivers and an announcement is made. But it sure is exciting to think about the possibility of the royal baby being here a week from today!

Do you think Kate is really due on July 13?


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early... earlybird11

actually moron, she could have given birth as soon as WEEKS ago

Sheryl Hudgens

i am for one excited !!! so ready to find out if its a boy or girl.

Phonda Abbey

the paparazzi are stalkers..the french papeazzi are the ones who killed diana by chaseing them and flashing lights who blinded the driver.i hate the paparazzi,,well when ever william and kate have the baby,god bless all 3 of them.

Cathy Guenthardt

i would say after the 13th the 21st of July would be great!!!!

nonmember avatar Diana

no to soon sorry its not been that long till she said she was pregnant

Sheila Sudlow

yes sounds a better idea, then the news cameras wont be as intruding as on the 13th it will be mayhem then,i think a baby princess will be born first to Kate and William

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

I think it would be smart to give safalse date so that people would not be freaking out and bothering her if she goes beyond her due date... she'd be anxious enough as it is, but to have the masses on your heels would be more than frustrating in an already tense time. This would give her a safer window.

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