Mom & Daughter Give Birth 24 Hours Apart

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baby handThis may sound a little tough to wrap your head around at first, but a mother and daughter gave birth a day apart in the U.K., making the mom a grandmother and a mother all at the same time -- and the daughter a mother and a big sister. (Think about that for a second. Crazy, right?)

Ok, so at 43, Andrea Rafferty is a young grandmother, but that still doesn't change the fact that she had a baby -- and then her 19-year-old "baby," Amber, had her own child a day later. OMG. What are the odds?

They even had beds next to each other in the hospital so they could recover together and bond with their babies -- who are technically aunt and nephew (!!) -- which is so sweet and special.

But as fascinating a story as this is, I can't help but feel a little bit bad for Amber. She totally got gypped out of having her mother there to fuss all over her after she had her first baby -- you know, like first-time grandmas typically do.

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Welcoming your first child into the world is something you never get to experience again. It's only natural to want your mom there not only for support, but to "baby" you one last time before they turn you loose from the hospital and you go home and fully enter the world of motherhood.

And while I'm sure Andrea was able to offer some great advice and companionship to her daughter, she kind of has her hands full -- so it's not like she can rush right over to help her out and show her the ropes at a moment's notice.

But then again, considering just how strong the bond is between a mother and her daughter -- maybe experiencing the miracle of birth at the same time will bring them even closer than they ever imagined. And if nothing else, at least when one of them calls the other one crying because she's so overwhelmed and can't take it anymore, hearing, "I totally understand how you feel" will be something she really means. Literally. When it comes to life with a newborn, sometimes all you want is to hear you're not alone -- which these two most certainly never will be.

Can you imagine having a baby at the same time as your mom?


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nonmember avatar Anita

My mother was 37 and I was 17 and we had our babies a month apart. My mom and entire family were at the hospital when my little girl was born and it was a great experience because my mother and I helped each other with our babies. I never felt like I missed out on anything. I lost my mother in November of ovarian cancer and I will never forget the bond we shared with our children.

nonmember avatar kim

my sister @ age 45 was prego and so was her oldest sons wife @ age 24..they had babies 24 hrs apart too..and with the same last name and @ same hospital it sure was the talk around the hospital that day:) my sister had a boy and her sons wife had a girl...both r one now:).

momuf4 momuf4

My grand mother had my uncle in Feb 1962. My mom had my brother Sept 1962. Then my grandma had my aunt May 1963.

nonmember avatar K5

My family has some neat dates and age related things. My dad's dad was 42 when my dad was born. My dad was 42 when I was born, and my mom was 29 when I was born. She had a very fast, half hour labor with one push and I was born. My dad's oldest daughter, who is 19 years older than me, was pregnant with her son while my mom was pregnant with me. My nephew was born in March 1983, I was born in July 1983. So my dad became a grandpa and a new dad with 4 months. His dad's birthday is Oct 27, my dad's is Oct 28. My last baby was born Oct 27, on her great grandpa's birthday, and I was 29 just like my mom. And my birth with my daughter was identical to how I was born, mine was a 45 minute labor, one push and she was born. Timings like these are neat. My nephew, although 4 months older than me, always calls me "Aunty" but we act more like brother and sister.

nonmember avatar Kay

"Gypped" is an offensive and racist term, FYI.

Crystal Quesenberry

To me this isnt that strange my youngest sister is only 3 months older than my daughter!!

Linda Morofsky Halfmann

I became a mother for the fourth time at 43yrs old.  My daughter gave birth 20 days before I did.  I then had another grandchild born, 3 months later !  It was a interesting, but a busy time for our family.

arcti... arcticjewel

When I found out I was recieving my mid-life blessing at 43, I worried that my daughter would be upset. She and her husband had been trying for a couple years to have a baby. She was super excited. Just a couple months later, we found out she was also expecting!  Maternity and baby shopping together was super fun! My grandson arrived 4 months and 4 days after his Aunty. I have asked my daughter if she felt like she missed out on anything and she said,  "no", she loves her baby sister and wouldn't trade her for the world. The kids have a super close bond too. 

Tammy... Tammymom2_4grlz

My daughter was an aunt before she was born and again 5 weeks after she was born. My five and a half year old will be an aunt for the 4th time before her 6th birthday. we love it my older daughters love their baby sister and I feel it keeps our bonds stong because everyone loves to stay close. we go to the park and they are proud to say thats my nephew  or thats my aunt when people think they are sibblings and stuff. no one is felling they missed anything i still love to spoil my grand kids

AngLeB AngLeB

My oldest son and youngest sister are 3 months apart. It's actually pretty cool as they have always had a playmate their age and now that they are older the whole aunt/nephew relationship makes introductions interesting :)


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