Kate Middleton Is Decorating 2 Baby Nurseries & With Good Reason

kate middletonDetails about how Kate Middleton has chosen to decorate her baby nursery have been revealed, and I've gotta tell you: They're not surprising. They sound gorgeous, but definitely not surprising. According to Victoria Murphy, ABC News’ royals contributor, the Duchess of Cambridge's nursery decorating style is very similar to the way she dresses. "She likes very classic … very simple things, very elegant," Murphy said. No shock there, right? Kate is a princess after all. And she was spotted buying a $450 Moses Basket not too long ago. It would be weird if we heard she decided to go with something quirkier, like a woodland theme.

But actually, there is one thing kind of surprising about Kate's nursery decorating. See, Kate's decorating two baby rooms.

The first baby nursery she's decorating is for her and Wills' recently-renovated apartment in Kensington Palace. The second is for her parents' home in the small English community of Bucklebury. The Duchess will reportedly be spending time there to be with her mother, Carole Middleton, following the baby’s birth. So good idea decorating a nursery there, too.

A word to the wise, expecting parents: If you plan on spending a significant amount of time somewhere besides your house, whether you're going to be spending the night there or not, baby-fy that place, too. It's much easier than lugging stuff. No, you don't have to full-on decorate, Kate-style. But keeping the basics -- diapers, clothes, a changing pad, etc. -- at your "second home" makes everything so much simpler.

So, smart move, decorating nurseries 1 and 2, Kate. You and baby want to be as comfy as possibly while spending time at your parents' place. And having an extra set of diapers on hand is much easier than sending off one of the royal butlers to pick some up when you've run out.

Did you keep baby stuff somewhere other than your house?


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Victoria Isabella Gaunt

No, Catherine is a Duchess, NOT a Princess. If you're going to write articles about her and her chosen maternity styles, then you could at least refer to her by her proper title, which is the Duchess of Cambridge.

Todd Vrancic

Since she is married to Prince William, she may, if I am not incorrect, be referred to as "the Princess William."  When Sarah Ferguson was married to Prince Andrew, I heard her called "the Princess Andrew" and did a double take, but I guess it makes sense to them.

Numom... Numom61507

When I had my daughter, my parents took it upon themselves to get some basics so I wouldn't have to lug it all around myself. 

grnsm... grnsmomma

My mom watches my kids every afternoon for 2 hours so she has quite a bit at her house too.  No use in lugging bottles, diapers, clothes etc every single day.

Carol... CarolynC71

We watch our grandsons frequently. I keep everything they need here. That way when mom and dad bring them over or even when they all come over for a visit they don't have to lug a bunch of stuff with them. I have diapers, clothes, wipes, baby food, formula, toys, playpen and just about anything else they need. And I keep everything stocked up because I never know when I might have them.

And I agree with Victoria. Do some research and you will find that Kate is not a Princess because she is not from a royal family herself. Apparently that is a rule in England. That is why many still refer to her by her maiden name.

Maria Birney

How can we not love I know that Diana would have loved her dearly !!!
She so down to earth and that's why we LOVE HER!!!! And dose what she know's to be best for her baby just like Diana Brest feeding it great for a mother and child the bond . Sorry but, maybe if Charles mother would have done that he would been a loving husband to Prices Diana and the s wife as far a I am concern there's no is no 2nd wife !!!!

James Kindle

Kate Middleton, Prince William kept baby’s birth a secret - See more at: http://www.trendsxpress.com/kate-middleton-prince-william-kept-babys-birth-a-secret/#sthash.RrQhQYlg.dpuf

nonmember avatar Mina

Queen Elizabeth DID breastfeed Prince Charles. There are many erroneous ideas out there about the royal family. Queen Elizabeth was also the first monarch to send her kids to public school so they wouldn't grow up isolated.

nonmember avatar Lottie

If you are married to a Prince you are a Princess, "common" origins notwithstanding. Technically Camilla is Princess Camilla of Wales, although it is a touchy subject. If you are actually on the throne or are 1st in line to the throne your spouse is identified by his or her given name, ie "Princess Diana", "Prince Philip". Sarah Ferguson was the Duchess of York but she was also "the Princess Andrew". Same for Sophie, she is Duchess of Wessex but also "the Princess Edward". This means Catherine Middleton is "The Princess William" in addition to being the Duchess of Cambridge.

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