Laboring Mom Packs Scissors & Shoelaces in Case She Doesn't Get to Hospital on Time ... Guess What?! (VIDEO)

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Karen Call

How's that old saying go? "You can never be too prepared" -- or something like that? Well, obviously one pregnant mom from Texas lives and breathes that philosophy -- considering she packed supplies (shoelaces, towels, and scissors) in the car "just in case" she somehow wound up not being able to make it to the hospital.

You know where I'm going with this, right? Yep -- Karen Call gave birth on the side of the interstate, so the tools she packed wound up coming in handy, to say the least.

Take a look at this video clip to hear more about this mom's "special delivery."

Wow. For a gal who just pushed out a baby on the side of the road, she looks pretty darn amazing, don't you think?

And how wonderful is it that other motorists were willing to come to her aid when they saw her in distress? (That's Texas for ya. Not sure that sort of thing would happen in other parts of the country.)

But let's get back to that little supply kit she packed for a second -- is she a smart cookie or what? I mean, I know she's an EMT and all, but still -- it was some good thinking on her part to consider the possibility of the baby being born before she made it to the hospital. Most moms-to-be assume they'll arrive at their destination just fine before junior makes his entrance, so they don't think to throw a few supplies into the car for emergency purposes. But can you even imagine how much more difficult her situation would've been had she not had those extra tools? (She SO would've kicked herself for not bringing them along like her gut told her to.)

Hmm. If your drive to the hospital is anything more than about 10 minutes or so, it's probably a good idea to follow Karen's example and add a few extras to your bag -- just in case.

Do you have any supplies packed for your delivery day?


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sylph... sylph_ironlight

No. Because it isn't necessary to cut the cord the moment the baby is born. Baby would have been just fine going to the hospital attached to the placenta. Many mothers wait until the placenta stops pulsating to have the cord cut. Some cutlures actually leave the infant attached to the placenta until the cord detaches. This idea in modern culture that the cord HAS to be cut immediately after birth is wrong. No harm in cutting right away, but it isn't necessary.

Rainey Dae

I doubt the only thing that was important in this whole story was the cord being cut..Just sayin, I took alot more than that away from this article..

nonmember avatar Jennifer

True, it is actually better not to cut the cord right away =) As a mother who is about to birth her 5th baby naturally (and not in a hospital), I can tell you that the look on her face looks pretty familiar to me. Birth is not a sickness and can be beautiful and empowering when there are no interventions and...well, no hospital. If you trust your body, have no fear and all confidence in the birthing process, then you can have quick, amazing results and super healthy babies and mommies! All the "what if..." doubters out there that are brain-washed by the modern medical community are simply allowing unnecessary complications/C-sections and even some deaths because of too many interventions. But at least more mothers and parents are realizing this, so that is encouraging =)

La'El Pierce

She could have just had a Lotus Birth!  That way the cord falls of in a couple of days instead of a week or more!!!

Bunny Lee DuChemin Wilson

I thought the same thing about the cord not needing to be cut but this also made me think.....and I do feel kind of bad about it but still...that she planned to not make it to the hospital for some reason (attention maybe?).

youth... youthfulsoul

You'd think as an EMT she would have just had a birthing kit in her car rather than scissors and shoelaces!

prist... pristine729

My son's father was born on the side of the road in Texas too! I gave birth in winter and was afraid that the roads would be horrible (they were, but we made it to the hospital in time).

nonmember avatar Kara

Nope. We delayed cord clamping and cutting for 2 hours after the births of both of my sons. (5 years and 10 weeks) Clamping and cutting the cord immediately after birth is not only unnecessary, it's harmful. The advice to do so is outdated and many hospitals and healthcare providers are changing their policies accordingly.

nonmember avatar TF

My water broke unexpectedly four weeks early with my first son, so I didn't have a bag for the hospital packed yet. My brother had to use our spare key and rummage through my drawers throwing together an overnight bag for me. Pretty much the minute I found out I was pregnant the next two times, I packed that bag and kept it in the trunk of my car my entire pregnancy. It never occurred to me to be prepared with a birthing kit to keep in my bathroom. That's right- my bathroom. I never even made it to the car with my third son. Delivered him by myself in my bathroom (on a clean towel). However, I never would have touched the umbilical cord myself even if I had the proper supplies ready. I had watched enough "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" to know not to try to do it myself. I left it alone until the EMTs arrived to clamp and cut it. Don't think any untrained person should go near the cord. It's not going to hurt the baby to stay attached awhile longer.

Jessica Keller

That actually wasnt very smart! Can we say infection? There's no need to tie and cut the cord right away, especially with non sterile scissors.

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