Kanye West's 'Push Present' for Kim Kardashian Is Pretty Spectacular Even If It Isn't an Engagement Ring


tiger-stripe diamon ringThis one's a lot cheaper than Kim'sKanye West and Kim Kardashian have had quite the week. They had a baby girl 5 weeks earlier than they expected, they named said baby girl North West, and they learned what it's like to have people make fun of your baby's name. Welcome to the adventurous world of parenting, you guys! You're going to love it.

Now rumors are swirling that Kanye proposed to Kim. (People magazine is pooh-poohing those Kardashian wedding rumors, but there's been no confirmation either way from the Kimye camp.)

Most outlets are reporting, however, that Kanye is over the moon about his new daughter, who has turned him into an old softie already -- and that, we can totally believe. A baby -- your baby -- is a wonderful life-changing event.

There is also information out there that Kanye gave Kim a pretty amazing "push present" -- a gift for giving birth to his kid.

Supposedly Kanye gave Kim a $770,000 rare black and tiger-stripe diamond ring that he had designed for her months ago in preparation for the big baby event. (And even if the proposal rumors were true, this was evidently NOT an engagement ring -- that will be coming later!)

Many moms are at odds when it comes to push presents. Some feel that the baby is a "present" enough and they don't need to be given something for delivering their little miracle into the world. Others think, "Hell ya, I just carried another person around for 9 months and went through some serious labor and delivery to bring that little being into the world. Mama deserves herself a $770,000 diamond!"

Kim seems like the type who would appreciate a glitzy gift -- hope she liked it!

Which camp are you in -- do you expect your husband to give you a push present or do you think your baby is enough of a gift?

Image via ShopHQ (ring is $2,220)

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Lenor... Lenore411

Push presents are about as gimme gimme lame as you can get.  I spent almost 30 hours in labor, had a migraine, and ended up with a csection.  This was after 9 months of severe chronic hyperemesis, and a few weeks in the hospital hooked up to an iv unable to eat.  I spent the entire first day of my son's life still puking my brains out.  Children are the gift, the only gift one should expect, and I don't care about the line "oh the woman pushed the baby out".

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

That ring pictured is utterly hideous. A very expensive, very ugly piece of jewellery. 

nonmember avatar Guest

I hope that is not the actual ring because it is fugly.

Lenore, you sound very bitter. So what if you had a hard pregnancy and labor and ended up with a csection? Cry me a river. Some of us had 'easy textbook pregnancies' short labors and still received a thoughtful gift from my husband. Stop hating!!

Bobbie Scherzer

The baby is gift enough.  The only thing I wanted after the birth of my kids was my husband to run out and get me real food, not the junk on a plate the hospital calls food.  I don't need jewerly, flowers, etc.  We have kids we are now responsible, and that money should be spent on things they need.


I agree with the others about the ring being ugly.  who wants an animal print ring.  It looks cheap.

vball... vbally101

It's one thing for your husband to buy you a gift out of the kindness of his heart; it's a totally different thing to EXPECT one for giving birth to "his" child. Is it not your child too? Then what do you expect a gift for? Ridiculous. 

Alexa... AlexaAdams

I sure hope that isn't the actual ring. That being said, no I do not want a push present. All I want post delivery is help and support from my husband.

justa... justamom272

Having a healthy baby is the present! Who would want something materialistic to show what you have just brought into this world. The beautiful baby is proof enough. Put that money away to go towards the childs education. That is what I would have said. We have three beautiful children and I would not hesitate to waste a dime on something that I thought would help them in the future.

Turtl... Turtledoves

Its hideous! And $770k for it? Obviously they ran out of ideas on how to blow money.

Im also in the camp that doesn't understand push presents. Isnt a healthy baby thats now in your arms the present? I know after experiencing a loss last pregnancy that this baby will outshine any materialist gifr anyone could offer. But I thi nk thats how it should be.

Maijken Kerner Brence

I didn't get anything. I've never heard of a "push present" before today. and don't understand the necessity for one. he gave you sperm to make a baby. what more could you possibly need/want? and no, i'm not bitter at all. just a logical thinker. 

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