Kate Middleton's No-Show at Friend's Wedding Could Mean the Baby Is Coming Soon

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Yesterday, Pkate middletonrince William was the best man at the wedding of his old friend Thomas van Straubenzee. His brother Prince Harry was an usher and attended the affair with his girlfriend Cressida Bonas. Pippa Middleton was also there. But where was Kate Middleton? The Duchess of Cambridge was a no-show. That's because mom-to-be Kate decided not to go to the high society wedding fearing she could go into labor.

The wedding -- van Straubenzee married Lady Melissa Percy, the Duke of Northumberland's daughter, if those fancy titles mean anything to you) -- took place at Alnwick Castle, which is a 300 mile drive from where Kate and William live.

Although Kate's anticipated delivery date is still a few weeks off (July 11), she decided not to risk the long drive. And who can blame her?

According to reports, Kate was really upset that she couldn't make the wedding but she didn't want to take any chances. If she did go into labor, Will likely could have hopped a helicopter and got there on time. But today, the wedding is over and still ... no royal baby.

Not to worry though. Will and Kate won't be keeping the details of their baby secret. A framed birth announcement will be placed on an easel at the gates of Buckingham Palace shortly after the baby arrives.

And according to a Kensington Palace spokesperson:

While it is a deeply personal and private event, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge realize this is a time of national celebration and that there will be vast interest in the baby. They realize many people will want to share in their happiness.

We can't wait!

What do you think of Kate skipping her good friend's wedding? Would you go on a long road trip a few weeks before your baby was due?


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miche... micheledo

I am due one day before Kate and wouldn't travel at this point. But this is my 6th and I have a tendency to go early. I would say if Kate's mo mwent early, she stands a good chance of having a baby any day!

mande... manderspanders

@micheledo: I'd say that whatever Kate's mom's labor was like will have little to do with whether Kate goes early or late...that's not really a genetic thing.

Of course, the general thought is that first time moms tend to go later....  

I'm due July 10th and am required to travel for work.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing comes up for me to travel for in the next few weeks, as I just can't tolerate sitting in a car for 2 or 3 hours one way at this point.

miche... micheledo

I don't know about it not being genetic. I know one lady who regularly goes to 42 weeks, so did her sisters, mom, and grandma! I think it is something that is harder to study now, with so many inductions and such! But from what I have read, there does seem to be a genetic link to how long you can go with a pregnancy! :)

nonmember avatar Leigh Oats

Anybody who claims or pretends any degree of familiarity with or knowledge about Prince William might as well get his nickname right. It’s Wills. :-)

nonmember avatar Michelle

She's due in a few weeks, I don't blame her. I didn't travel very far my last few weeks of my 3 pregnancies, either.

hockey21 hockey21

Can't wait for Kate to delieve her precious baby....!stork

mlg1989 mlg1989

I wouldnt travel either, they encourage you not to in the coming weeks of your due date. I dont blame her!

LoveM... LoveMyKBabies

I'm definitely more excited to hear about the new little Prince or Princess than anymore stories about the newest Kardashian :p

Can't wait for the new little royal!

OyMom OyMom

I would think her doctor would prefer she not go on such a long trip. 300 miles one way? That's 600 miles total. Not a good idea.

jazz54 jazz54

I absolutely would not and I think Kate made the wisest decision under the circumstances.  I am so happy that Will married Kate.  She is a beautiful and elegant lady with a good head on her shoulders.  She is a great role model for girls and I think Diana would have been so delighted with her.bowing down

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