Kim Kardashian May Get a Tummy Tuck in Extreme Plan to Drop Baby Weight Fast

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bare bellyShe hasn't even been a mom for a full week yet, and already the panic over shedding the baby weight is starting to set in. Believe it or not, there's a rumor floating around that Kim Kardashian is planning on having a tummy tuck and liposuction to ensure that she's back to her fabulous pre-baby figure in no time.

Apparently she doesn't want to be seen in public after her baby girl North West's birth unless she looks slim and trim, but going under the knife so soon after delivering her baby? Really?

For Kim's sake, let's hope this isn't true -- because she's making a huge mistake by going to such extremes to shed her extra pregnancy pounds.

First of all, she's not even giving herself a chance to get back in shape naturally -- and odds are good that she will take the weight off in due time. Just look at how amazing her sister Kourtney Kardashian looks after having two kids! Good genes are a major perk of being part of her family, so if she gives it time, she'll be back to her bootylicious self sooner than she thinks.

Second, if she has a tummy tuck and/or liposuction now, she's basically setting herself up to never be pregnant again. What if she wants another baby down the road? It would be stupid to have all that surgery and then balloon right back up again with another pregnancy.

Lastly, Kim should realize that even though there is added pressure to shed baby weight because she's a celebrity, most people will give her the benefit of the doubt -- or at least the general mom population will. We all know just how big of a bitch shedding preggo pounds can be, so we'll be cheering her on the entire time until she reaches her goal.

Give it time honey -- you'll get there, I promise!

Do you think having plastic surgery is the best solution for Kim?


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Chana... Chanandler.Bong

As we learned a few days ago when everyone thought her baby name was Kaidence, rumors are not always true.  I know it's fun to hate on Kim K these days, and it gets you lots of hits on your articles, but it's getting a little pathetic.  There has to be actual interesting topics to write about!

nonmember avatar AmericanExpat

Ha, if she had truly superior genetics, she wouldn't even need to give a first thought about plastic surgery...

Prett... PrettyGirlMyers

Are you kidding right now with this "article"? What garbage. Why I continue to come this site I have no idea. I really hope when people ask what you do for a living you don't tell them you're a journalist.

Brenda Watson Lawyer

RUMOR!!! That's what they are. Come on. You have to have something real to write about. As many haters as Kim has there are some of us that really like her. She is genially a nice person. (I am not so sure about Kanye) Just because she is beautiful and skinny and cares about the way she looks, doesn't mean she is going to crazy measures to get the baby weight off. she worked out until the end of her pregnancy. why wouldn't she work out to get the weight off, now that she has had the baby. Not that she gained much anyways. being short always makes you look like you have. Thank goodness she was pregnant at the same time as Jessica Simpson, it gave that poor girl a break. Get something real to write about.

nonmember avatar AmericanExpat

Hahahahahaha skinny? hahahahaha I think not!

Katrina M Robarts

this is so true she might want to have a south,east and maybe a west lol

Joann Penning

no it is not also surely to goodness north west is not that little girls name

nonmember avatar Obviously

She needs a lobotomy more than anything. Or a needle to sew up that used up hangy thing between her legs she calls a vag.

Kitty Katt

I can't stand this bitch Kim k...she fucken makes me sick to my stomach.....take that bitch off my FB wall....she is fake...ugly as fuck..inside and out...Kim u r a fake ugly azz prick...bitch

Jenn Gauthier

OMG it's so not a huge deal. I had two c-sections in the past two years, just 16 months apart. I basked in my newborns but yes, one of the things I even thought about was how to lose the weight and even plastic surgery because of the over flap I seem to have gotten because my body never truly healed. But fist I will keep working out and what I can't do I will then look into it. 


It's not uncommon for women after their pregnancy to have a bit of a body issue. Whoever wrote this is an insensitive twit. Maybe she just wants to be home with her daughter without stupid pap hounding them. Ever think she just wants to enjoy the calm before the true media storm once North is in the public eyes completely?

I write better than you do.

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