Kim Kardashian Banned Sweets From Her Hospital Room Because the Race to Drop the Baby Weight Is On

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Kim KardashianWhile everyone's wondering about what Kim and Kanye West named their baby, details are slowly leaking about absolutely everything else. From Kim Kardashian's nanny plans to Kim Kardashian's birth details, there's nothing that the public isn't eating up when it comes to the details of baby Kimye. But the most interesting detail of all so far? Apparently Kim Kardashian outlawed sweets from her hospital room in an effort to kickstart her post-baby weight loss. Whoa, that's serious.

I mean, I'm all for eating crazy things when I'm under stress. Although I've never had a baby of my own I'm guessing giving birth can be pretty stressful. How could Kim turn away that token celebratory "It's a girl!" cake that someone had to bring by? How could she say no to a glass of champagne to welcome in Kaidence (At least we're sticking to that for Kim and Kanye's alleged baby name, for now)?

If it's true, though, I can't totally hate her for it. In fact, it's a pretty smart move.

Whether it's a woman trying to drop baby weight like Kim or just trying to shed pounds in general, it always helps to start things off on the right foot. If a person trying to lose weight knows that candy and other sweet treats are going to be a VERY hard thing to handle, then pushing them off right from the start may just be a solid trick to success.

I'm one of those people, though, that believes eliminating something completely is just asking for trouble. If Kim is outlawing sweets now, then who knows what'll happen if she caves to them later. My guess? Binging. Please, I wouldn't be surprised if the simple taste of one chocolate has her reaching for handfuls more.

That doesn't mean that I don't think the decision is a little intense, though. I mean come on, woman. You just had a baby -- I think you're entitled to a little celebration. After nine months of being alcohol-free, at least a little bubbly.

Do you think Kim's alleged "no sweets" rule was intense?


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blunt... bluntcakes

Not at all, I mean models have contracts that say they have X amount of time to lose weight after having a baby and Kim seems to be the girls who's always been fit and doesn't see herself staying in her pregnancy body because it can be a bit much. Losing weight and getting fit takes discipline.

Texas... TexasGirl512

Wow, you'd think she'd be more concerned about her daughter than herself, byt then again, it IS Kim Kardashian so I'm not surprised by her self centeredness

nonmember avatar Ashley

I see no problem in this. I don't think it's self centered or self absorbed. Honestly, all she had to do was say three words "please no sweets". It doesn't mean she spending all her time obsessing over her image. Despite everything questionable the Kardashians have done to become famous, at the end of the day, they are still real people who are more than likely obsessing about their little preterm baby.

Stacey Miller

Kim will always be gorgeous with or with out the baby weight. Dont stress it girl. It will fall off faster than what you think!

femal... femaleMIKE

I plan on banning sweets too.  It doesn't mean I don't care about my baby.  It means that I care about myself too.  If I don't feel fit, I won't be happy.  I need to be able to move with ease again so that I can take care of my baby and myself. 

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