Kim Kardashian’s Baby Shower Photos Released & She Looks Stunning (PHOTO)

kim kardashianWe may still be without pictures of Kim Kardashian's baby, but now we at least have something to tied us over: Pictures of Kim Kardashian at her baby shower. It's kind of like a picture of the baby Kimye. Only she's still in utero.

No, but seriously, you guys, how gorgeous does Kim look in this photo? Drink it in, friends. This right here could be the last documentation of Kim as a childless woman. History immortalized in a sheathy white dress. 

I said it once and I'll say it again: Kim Kardashian's baby shower looked amazing. I love that she and her sisters all wore white. It seems like it gave the day an earth mama, ethereal vibe -- gorgeous. And unsurprisingly, Kim looks amazing in her white dress. Loving the long sleeves and flowing hair. Could do without the sexy duck face, but everything else is flawless. 

It's always fun to look back at photos from your baby shower. Typically, showers are toward the end of one's pregnancy and you're all dressed up and happy -- and completely clueless as to what's to come. Kim will be so grateful she has these pics one day (not that she's woefully understocked in the picture department). It will be amazing to look back to a time where she wasn't a mama and it was still -- for a few weeks -- all about her.

But seriously, where are the pics of the baby?

Do you have pictures from your baby shower?


Image via Instagram



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linzemae linzemae

I wasn't able to make it to my shower. Baby girl decided to be born the day before! My husband went in my place. We hadn't announced to anyone but family that she was born so people were quite surprised

nonmember avatar Emma

She looks like an overly tanned cross dresser lol. Her face is way too long from that angle and she looks like she's pushing her lips out.. Not a flattering picture. While I don't find her too attractive on a regular basis, she looks better than this photo makes her look.

nonmember avatar blue

What happened to her face???!!!!

EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

What on earth is going on with her face???? I don't mean this in a cruel way, i mean it in a ''she looks botoxed to the hilt'' kind of way.

jhslove jhslove

She looks really, really unhappy in that picture.

nonmember avatar rhyannon

I think the dress is beautiful but I have to agree her face isn't looking so hot my opinion she should have smiled idkI ccan't wait to ser what the baby looks like


No attractive at all. Working too hard for sexy look and failing miserably. Long horse face. 

Lauren Wasinger

How is a woman that pregnant "childless?"

katyd... katydid620

Are we looking at the same picture? Because I don't see beautiful....she is starting to resemble Janice Dickinson with all the botox and lip fillers she is pumping into her face. Gross!

Jaye K Burkhart

I agree and think this picture is terrible

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