7 Celeb Moms Who Packed on Over 50 Pounds During Pregnancy (PHOTOS)

Vanessa LacheySometimes no matter how hard you try and keep your weight in check during pregnancy, you still wind up putting on a few more pounds than you initially expected and end up tipping the scales well above the recommended 25 to 35 pound weight gain. (Which is a total crock anyway.) And even though they're known for their fabulous figures, celebrities are also susceptible to the battle of the pregnancy bulge. She looks so amazing now, you'd never guess that Vanessa Lachey gained 65 pounds while pregnant with her son Camden.

For real! And can you believe she had no qualms about putting that number out there? Gotta love her for it.

See? Gaining a decent amount of weight really isn't as uncommon as you think. And if celeb moms aren't afraid to spill the beans on how many pounds they added to their fab figures -- none of us should be either.

Check out these photos to see 6 more celebrities who gained over 50 pounds while pregnant.


Image via Pacific Coast News

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EmmaF... EmmaFromEire

STOP PICKING ON PREGNANT WOMEN. Not cool. Not cool at all. That headline is atrocious, and it is literally nobody's business how much weight somebody gains while pregnant.

Sleep... SleepingBeautee

I would like to point out that the 25-35lbs recommendation is for average size women, not stick thin celebrities. If you weigh less you can gain more. The same for if you weigh more, you can gain less.


We should be banding together, not tearing each other down.

nonmember avatar Mara

My doctor wanted me to gain 45 pounds (I was VERY underweight.) I tried and tried, but only gained 8!

Gul Bahar

people need to leave pregnant women alone. they are making babies

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

50lbs is not a decent amount of weight for the average woman, it's too much. Those women are often pigging out because they aren't allowed to eat what they want most of the time. Jenny McCarthy admitted eating entire pans of brownies by herself while pregnant. That is not something to praise or emulate.  

Sounds to me like you gained too much weight since you think 25-35 is a total crock but it's not unreasonable. I gained 32 with my son and 26 with my daughter; I forget how long it took me to lose the weight with my son but I know it all came off by three weeks with my daughter. 

rache... racheljessee

who. the. hell. cares. stop trying to make women feel bad about their bodies.

Ashley D Pearce

You NEED to eat Healthy foods while pregnant!!! Eating junk like brownies is not good for either mother or baby. Nothing will taste as good as having healthy baby feels! Also Good job on losing the weight in 3 weeks Rhonda! Everyone should strive to have your discpline.

AirAura AirAura

I gained 45 with my 1st pregnancy, 65 with my 2nd, and 75 with my 3rd (twins).  I did't pig out on brownies, I enjoy eating healthy.  I'm normally thin at 5'9 120 lbs, I lost it all easily with the 1st 2 pregnancies, but it has been a bit harder to lose it all since the twins were born.  Just because you gain a lot of weight does not mean you're gorging on unhealthy junk food.  Some people just know how to pack it on ;)


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