8 New Details About Kate Middleton's Birth Plan

Prince William Kate MiddletonOMG. This is really starting to get exciting, people! The birth of Kate Middleton's baby is right around the corner, and in matter of weeks, we'll finally be celebrating the arrival of the most highly anticipated child in modern history.

And now that we're really getting down to the wire, new details about the royal baby's birth are starting to roll in. It sounds like Kate and Prince William really have their act together as far as having all their ducks in a row goes.

But even though they're making sure every last detail is planned out and ready -- they are keeping one thing a surprise. Would you believe Kate and William supposedly don't know the sex of their baby?

Aww! How sweet is it that they want to wait until the moment of delivery to find out? It has to be so tough to go through an entire pregnancy without knowing, but the surprise and elation of that moment will be well worth it for them, I'm sure.

And aside from the baby's sex being unknown, plenty of other key details have surfaced about what will go down when he or she makes a very royal entrance.

Here are 8 little tidbits of info we know so far about Kate's birth plan.

  1. She'll deliver at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, which is where Princess Diana welcomed both Prince William and Prince Harry. Kate's maternity suite will be in the Lindo wing and will likely cost £10,000. Her birthing room will feature satellite TV, a safe (gotta keep that ring hidden), a fridge, and even a wine list. (Not too shabby.)
  2. Kate wants a natural birth and was rumored to be considering hypnobirth to help make getting through her labor and delivery easier.
  3. She'll have not one, but two doctors while bringing her baby into the world -- Marcus Setchell, Queen Elizabeth's surgeon-gynecologist, and Alan Farthing, the surgeon-gyno to the royals.
  4. Prince William will be present for the birth barring any unforeseen circumstances and may even be helicoptered in should he be on duty in Anglesey when Kate goes into labor. Kate's mom Carole and sister Pippa will supposedly be at the hospital to support her as well. 
  5. In keeping with royal tradition, there will be a 41-gun salute when the baby is born and an official announcement will be delivered to Buckingham Palace by police and placed on an easel outside the gates. It will contain the sex, weight, and time of birth.
  6. The royal couple will decide when to announce the baby's name -- it'll be on their terms. (Good grief. Hope they won't pull a Kim Kardashian on us.)
  7. Prince William will take two weeks of paternity leave after the baby's birth and will then return to work in Anglesey.
  8. Kate is said to be planning on moving into her parents' home in Berkshire for six weeks or so until the renovations are complete on the home she'll share with Prince William at Kensington Palace.

Are you counting down the days until this baby arrives?


Image via Chris Jackson/Getty

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CrazyAZ CrazyAZ

I loved the Hypnobirth class I took. Had a CS but totally use the skills in my real life anyway. I'm EXCITED for the royal babiness to be born. It really is a historical event even though my Irish ancestors probably were none too find of the stuffy Brits.

Best wishes to them on their big day!

jalaz77 jalaz77



Right now I'm counting down the days to the birth of MY baby! (7 days until my due date.)

Theresa Whitt

I can't wait to see the baby. I bet (she)is going to be beautiful.

Lori Turchin

Her due date is the day before my sons birthday.  I hope she is a day late delivering.  That would be cool!


Becky Hunter

I'm SO happy for William & Kate I wish them the best with their new baby. 

Angela Aragon

I am so happy for the Royal family remembering to put their new little family first above all! And as evident by their constant public appearances it is clear they have a respect of their royal obligations to those whom truly care for them and their public in general.

Best wishes always to the new family!!!

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